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Our Mission

Creating a foundation for law firm growth, achieving online results that last. This is our mission at SLS Consulting.

Going the Extra Mile

SLS doesn't just meet deadlines and adhere to custom marketing plans – we exceed our clients' expectations and pave the way for their success on- and off- line.

One Step Ahead

Using cutting edge Internet marketing strategies, SLS stays on top of the latest advancements in the industry and steps outside of cookie cutter website design and development.

SLS never backs down from a challenge and we are armed to assist our clients in making their dreams for their website and success as a law firm a reality.

Personal Attention

Being able to relate to her clients on a personal level is one of Susan L. Ziegler's gifts. As SLS Consulting's CEO, Susan literally works around the clock to ensure that her clients' questions are being answered and that their marketing plans are being implemented effectively.

Since day one, Susan has given each and every one of her clients personal attention and time. Susan's strong work ethic and loyalty to her clients is incomparable to others in the lawyer SEO consulting and marketing field.

Teamwork for Results

Leading by example, Susan's commitment and hard work sets the tone for her marketing team. She has an arsenal of SEOs, web designers, coders, writers, social media developers, and managers who work speedily and efficiently to meet deadlines, conduct research, and work towards set goals.

With perseverance, patience, and passion, SLS Consulting is more than just a business – we are a family, and we work together to achieve lasting results for our clients.

Personal Attention

Trusting a lawyer SEO company with your rankings, site design, content, and reputation is a big step. At SLS Consulting, we value our clients and the trust that they instill in us to work diligently and in a timely manner to help them reach and go beyond their goals.

Because we believe in providing each and every client with personal attention, we limit our number of clients and are selective when taking on new contracts. As a growing company, SLS is excited to take on new clients when it's the right fit for both parties.

Fostering Results through Direct Communication

Customer service is the cornerstone of SLS and we are here for our clients. Marketing can get intense - to say the least! We understand that it can often feel like your competition is breathing down your neck, which is why we are a results-driven law firm marketing company.

Aside from communicating directly with CEO Susan Ziegler, our clients also have the opportunity to interact with a manager within each department: design, SEO, social media, and writing. We do our best to coordinate telephone conferences and in-office meetings that are convenient for our clients' busy schedules.

We Know Who Our Clients Are

At SLS, a client is never a number to us - what our clients think and how they feel about us and our work matters. By giving our clients personal attention, we cultivate a strong relationship and get to know who our clients are so that we can convey their personality, accomplishments, and mission in the most effective way.

SEO Company

Finding the right SEO Company for your law firm can be a frustrating process but it's worth spending the time and making the effort to ensure that you find a company where trust, loyalty, and commitment are the driving force behind their marketing strategy.

The SEO firm you decide on should be your confidant and reflect well on your law practice. Taking a step forward with an SEO Company is the beginning of a partnership that could last for a few years or decades. Keeping communication open and working as a team, you can provide your marketers and consultants with the information they need to take you to the top while taking the passenger seat, letting them do the hard work!

Leveraging the Power of Search Engines

While getting on the first page of Google is basically every lawyer's ambition, it can be a reality with the right balance of website SEO, link building, local listings, content development, legal website design, social networking profile management, and more.

As an increasingly important area of marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) can sometimes seem like its own language, and it practically is. There are plenty of SEO Companies out there and those who claim to be "experts" in the field. But it's one thing to talk about SEO and it's an entirely different thing to actually do it right.

Online attorney marketing involves several different strategies, techniques, and components. SEO helps generate leads but it often takes a law firm time to establish online authority and consistent targeted traffic. There are no short-cuts to high search engine results and any company that tells you otherwise may be overpromising only to disappoint.

Do Your Homework

Don't hesitate to check out a company's Testimonials, Results, and About Us web pages to get a better feeling of what they can offer you. You can learn a lot about a company by reading what other lawyers have to say about them. It's also beneficial to speak with the SEO Consultant of the company to familiarize yourself with the services being offered.

Seeing the Big Picture

SEO services can seem overwhelming when you consider the intricate aspects and demands of design, optimization, writing, social networking, reputation management, and client development on individual and collective levels, but that's why you want an Internet legal marketing company to handle these things for you.

At SLS Consulting, we keep our clients in the loop and tell it like it is. Our dedication to what we do is founded upon pride in the end product, passion for exceeding our clients' expectations, and a thirst for innovative and creative approaches to legal Internet marketing. From legal content writing to mobile website creation, we are focused on propelling law firms to the top of search results and spreading the word about the differences they've made in people's lives during a serious time of need.

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