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Marketing your firm on social media is a lot like picking the right outfit. If you’re going to be meeting with a new client, you will want to wear a suit that makes you feel confident, a tie that catches their attention but is not distracting, and shoes that you can comfortably walk in. It all has to work together at the end of the day, but what’s important is how it showcases your unique style and brand.

When you start building your firm’s profile on social media, not just any style, tone, or piece of content will do. You will want to keep everything in line with your firm’s brand and so that you feel authentic and genuine to your users. To do this, you will want to build a style guide.

Your firm’s style guide should utilize the same colors, fonts, and design elements that your website does to allow users to instantly recognize your brand. Similar to yellow arches representing McDonald’s, it is important to create consistent design elements that reflect your firm’s unique identity. Broadly speaking, this means using a profile image and banner that is in line with your webpage’s design. For consistency, you can also use logos, group photos, or attorney profiles from your homepage to help your users to easily identify you.

But on a long-term scale, this also comes down to your individual posts. Take this example below from an SLS client Facebook page:

When you look at this profile, you can clearly identify the firm’s logo, color scheme, and style. This is not only because the banner and profile image work together to create a unique identity, but also because their top photos are in line with their brand’s colors. Having strong and identifiable colors is key to showcasing your firm’s personality.

Do you want to appear strong and determined? Open and caring? Scholarly and professional? Or a combination? Your firm’s colors are key to evoking these ideas, but only if they work in conjunction with the rest of your brand’s style and tone.

Whether you are sharing your firm’s latest case results, events, or awards, you will want to keep in mind how your words, photos, and tones all play into your brand’s style guide. This will allow you to create a more uniform timeline for your users and showcase your firm’s identity.

But sometimes it can be difficult to know what type of vibe your firm gives off. That is why working with a social media expert at SLS Consulting, Inc. can be such a boon. We can review your firm’s social media history, website design, and content to help you identify your unique voice and style. In the short-term, this will mean working with you to build a distinct style guide for your social media accounts, but in the long-term, we can also provide helpful guidance on how to expand your cases through the power of social media. If you are interested in discussing your social media strategy with some of the top experts in our field, reach out to us at (323) 254-1510.

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