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A lot of people turned their noses up at Google+ once it launched. However, chances are very good that none of those people spurning Google’s social site were marketers. Today, Google+ may not be the most popular site in terms of number of users, but it is the most critical to establish a presence on in order to maximize efforts towards ranking well in search results.

Google is very secretive about exactly which factors are taken into consideration as part of its search rankings algorithm. However, it should always be assumed that when it comes to Google, any product the search engine giant peddles has some sort of significance, particularly as part of its ranking system. Google+ is no exception to this rule.

Google+ profiles have page ranks. Simply put, this means that your Google+ profile (that undoubtedly links back to your website) can in fact strengthen your overall web presence. For this simple reason alone, it’s important to have a presence on Google+. However, there are other aspects of the social network that can further benefit an Internet marketing campaign.

Who’s Your Website’s Author?

One of the most overlooked aspects of the Google+ profile has to be the “Contributor To” section. Here, users are allowed to distinguish which websites they are authors to. After filling in this section and adding the necessary snippet of coding to your website, your Google+ profile picture and a link to your profile will appear within search next to each website URL that you designate yourself the author of. While this rich snippet may not seem to be terribly significant, differentiating your website from other websites within search results is key to getting click-throughs and increased traffic to your website. Furthermore, the more active your Google+ profile is, the more authoritative you become in the eyes of Google, and the more positive benefits your website will receive in terms of improved search results.

Google+ Company Pages – Where Social and Local Meet

Much like Facebook, Google+ allows users to create company pages to highlight brand accomplishments, post company news, and interact with fans. These company pages are not only beneficial for establishing your brand as an authority in its respective field, but they can also be directly connected to your business’s Google local presence. Connecting your social page to your local listing, you are not only given complete control over your local page, but you are also indirectly associating your individual profile with your local page. Couple this association with rel-author coding, and you’ve created a well-balanced presence within the giant social search bubble that is Google.

Navigating the social and local search waters can be tricky, it doesn’t need to be. For more information about establishing a well-rounded presence on Google+, contact the internet marketing team at SLS Consulting at (323) 254-1510.

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