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When you think of popular brands on social media, law firms probably do not come to mind. However, that is not to say that law firms should not include social media as part of their marketing strategy. You may see attorneys posting or sharing socially and think they are misguided in their strategy, but it is always better to be part of the conversation.

SLS Consulting’s Approach to Social Media

At SLS Consulting, we believe in using social media as a means of branding the firm as an authority in its respective practice areas and geographic region, while also highlighting the positive relationships it has fostered with former clients and the local community. We encourage our clients to talk about the things that they are involved with outside of the office in order to relate better to their social media followers and potential clients. Essentially, we want to humanize the firm for one very important reason: case results aside, people want to work with a person they are going to be comfortable with, not a faceless company that does not participate in the community. We aim to show potential clients what great lawyers our clients are naturally, and social media is the perfect place to do that.

For attorneys, social media is not about getting likes or having the highest follower count. It is about meaningful user engagement and curating a brand image—one not only authoritative but also relatable. Any marketing company that only promises a higher follower count may not be taking branding into account, and nothing is more important for lawyers on social media than branding.

Your marketing firm should consider your unique voice and values and convey them through a strong and active social media presence as part of your overall marketing strategy. For example, if your firm’s team members are passionate about giving back to veterans, we at SLS Consulting will produce and share content that highlights this commitment and invites followers to do the same. We craft images, find facts, and create infographics that promote this mindset, because if it is important to you, we want everyone on social media to recognize it.

How Can Lawyers Best Use Social Media?

If you approach social media marketing solely from the standpoint of client acquisition, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. This is because the average social media user is in a completely different mindset from someone conducting a Google search for an attorney. If someone needs legal services, they are typically going to research with Google or some other search engine for information about nearby law firms. They are probably not going to search social media, but that is not to say social media sites do not play a critical role in conversion.

Can Social Media Attract New Clients?

Absolutely! At SLS Consulting, we help build a social media image that will set you apart from your competitors and that helps with the overall brand image. If someone is looking for a lawyer and trying to choose between your law firm and your competitors, our goal is to have curated a better social media image of you than your competitors have of themselves. We want your potential clients to see the real you, and say, “Yes! That’s who I want to help me.” In the same way a potential client may use Yelp or Google reviews to help differentiate between law firms before they retain legal services, so too can a potential client compare a Facebook page or an Instagram account to make a more informed decision.

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