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Explore Pasadena Generally, outsiders know Pasadena for Old Town and the restaurants, shops, and bars that line Colorado Blvd. They don’t know that the city has a rich history and is still to this day a center for arts, culture, education, and athletics.

If you really take the time to explore Pasadena, you’ll find yourself immersed in beautiful architecture, impressive art collections, and many other wonderful things, all the while surrounded by the majestic mountain landscapes. Here are a few places to start getting to know the true heart of this beautiful city.

Cal Tech Architecture Tour

The California Institute of Technology is known for its breakthroughs in seismology and its award-winning faculty. However, many people, even locals, don’t know that many great architectural sites are located on the 128-acre campus. The school itself dates all the way back to 1891. Some of its buildings were constructed before the start of World War II. Lovers of history and architecture should take a long walk around the campus; there will be plenty for your eyes and mind to indulge in.

Huntington Library’s Palm Garden

The palm tree is part of southern California’s iconography. It evokes perfect beach weather, lazy summers, barbecues, and long drives. You can find more than 200 species of palms at the Palm Garden, which is part of The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens. Some of the species found in this extensive collection are even endangered.

Kidspace Children’s Museum

You and your children are guaranteed to have a good time in this museum located in Brookside Park. The 2.2 acres of outdoor space that comprise this unique museum are filled with delightful activities and exhibits that will educate your children while entertaining them at the same time. Your inner child may even want to join in.

Gamble House

This early-20th century Craftsman-style masterpiece was commissioned by members of the Procter & Gamble fortune. Now a national historic landmark, the house features a gotta-see-it-to-believe-it interior as well as fine vintage furniture. The outdoor space is also full of eye-catching designs and items, including numerous balconies and a stunning garden.

Melting Pot Food Tours

Before or after your journey around Pasadena, you may be quite hungry, and since you’re in an excited mood, you’ll want to try something extraordinary. Turn to the food connoisseurs at Melting Pot Food Tours. They’ll take you on a guided tour of the best international fare Old Pasadena has to offer.

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