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Pasadena Online MarketingHave you ever heard the expression “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”?

If you haven’t, it plainly means that you shouldn’t devote all of your efforts to one individual endeavor. In the world of online reviews, it roughly means that you shouldn’t just focus on one individual review site to obtain reviews.  Instead, you should attempt to create and foster a well-rounded review profile across multiple sites.  Not only will Internet searchers appreciate the variety of reviews, but search engines may give you a boost in search results as well.

While the majority of review sites discourage brands from soliciting reviews, opting instead for reviews to be left in a more organic manner, it is definitely better to have reviews present on multiple review sites as opposed to just one.  Though there may be a niche review site out there that your brand definitely wants to establish a presence on, it’s also important that your brand embrace a variety of review sites, just as consumers do.  Not only will this create a well-rounded review profile on the web, it will increase the number of sites on the Internet that your brand is mentioned on/has a presence on.

Many Internet users are loyal to the websites to which they frequent.  Because of this, it is counterproductive to expect all of your satisfied customers to leave you reviews on one specific site.  In using this strategy, you run the risk of alienating a satisfied client who may have been more comfortable leaving a review on different review site.  However, by encouraging satisfied clients to leave reviews wherever they are comfortable doing so, you expand your review site profile, you increase the number of mentions of your brand on the Internet, and you increase the likelihood that search engines like Google will look favorably on your website due to the numerous review site signals search engines are able to find about your brand on the Internet.

In the same way that you wouldn’t put your life savings into one individual stock, but instead would opt to place your money in a mutual fund, so too do you need to diversify your Internet marketing strategy in order to be successfully found online.  This means creating a well-designed website with interesting, shareable content, ensuring that your brand has a strong social signal, and seeing to it that your online review site profile is well-rounded and diversified.

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