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What good are blogs? Why do I need them? I am asked this time and time again by lawyers I talk to. An effective blogging strategy will help drive traffic to your site, can increase conversions, and help you land more clients. Unlike PPC and other forms of paid advertising, it doesn’t cost you anything to post a blog, so why wouldn’t you? The benefits of blog posts will accrue over time, as they continue to attract potential clients to your website and improve SEO.



How Blogging Works

Inbound marketing is a marketing strategy that attracts customers by creating valuable content that aligns with the needs of your potential client. The process begins with a potential client who has a problem they are trying to solve. The customer will conduct a search, such as:

  • What is road rash?
  • What if I was a passenger who got hurt in a car accident?
  • How many marijuana plants can I grow in California?
  • What are the effects of meningitis?
  • What is a jackknife accident?
  • How do I get a good settlement after a motorcycle accident?
  • What should I do if I get pulled over for a DUI?

When a person reaches out for help, they are looking for someone who can solve their problem. If they find a blog post from your website that answers their questions, it builds trust and leads them to you to help them solve the problem.

Internal Links and the Client’s Journey

The goal of inbound marketing is to get the customer to explore your website until they feel you understand their problem and know how to solve it. That’s why it’s essential for every blog post to contain internal links to relevant pages on your website.

A person whose husband or daughter has been injured in a truck accident wants to learn more about what their loved one is going through. They may begin with the query: “Who is responsible if I was injured in a truck accident?” This leads them to your blog post on truck accidents, which may take the user on the following journey:

  1. Why Truck Accidents Are So Dangerous (blog post)
  2. Your Truck Accident Attorney Page
  3. Your Results or Testimonials Page
  4. Your Contact Us page

Although you do want your blog post and website pages to be as engaging and informative as possible to try to convert the user immediately, the above scenario is likely.

Blogs Are Good for SEO

Blog posts that rank well in Google searches are well-written, reader-friendly, and they answer a question that potential clients are asking. A blog post that contains the following elements will stand out from the crowd:

  • Engages the target audience
  • Trustworthy
  • Interesting
  • Easy User Interface (UI)
  • Engaging User Experience (UX)
  • Contains effective keywords
  • Solves the user’s problem
  • Creates an emotional response

It takes time for a blog post to gain traction, but once it does, it will continue to attract potential clients to your website for years to come.

By directing potential clients to your website, an effective blog post tells the Google crawlers that people want the information you provide. This has a snowball effect, bringing more and more people to your website. If you write a really popular piece of content, other resources such as websites and directories might link to it, which will help create backlinks. Backlinks are a major factor that Google uses in their algorithm.

Additional Benefits of Blogging

In addition to generating traffic to your website and creating links, you can also use blog posts to:

  • Provide case studies
  • Announce company news, notes, and events
  • Set the agenda for social media campaigns
  • Interview clients, partners, and industry leaders
  • Serve as a repository of knowledge

Finding the Right Blog Strategy for You

Blogging is hard work. And it can be time-consuming to write engaging new posts on a regular basis. At SLS Consulting, Inc, we know how find the right ideas for posts that will continue to generate traffic month after month.

Call SLS Consulting, Inc., at (323) 745-1806 to schedule a FREE consultation. We know SEO.

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