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“Page One Google results guaranteed or YOU don’t pay!” – Really?

By Susan Ziegler on August 4, 2018

First… I apologize; this is a long post and more of a rant! I get a LOT of spam from other marketing companies – both through the SLS website and forwarded to me by our clients. Most are not worthy of commenting on, and some just tell flat-out lies. It is frustrating to see so many people trying to get rich with smoke and mirrors. Successful organic SEO is tough – really tough – when done right. I could absolutely tell you that we guarantee success, but not to ranking a few keywords on “page one” of Google results. We guarantee success because we work tirelessly, as a team of skilled professionals, to make sure that all of our clients get the best we can give.

Today I got an email from a company with the title quoted above. The body was confusing, basically telling you that SEO is like underwater kickboxing (?): Read the rest »