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Logo reading Best In Search | Top SEOsHave you ever wondered how your competitors outrank your on Google? The answer to this question is simple… they have a solid search engine optimization strategy in place. Ranking highly on Google isn’t easy, especially in a competitive market like the legal field. There are upwards of 200 factors that weigh in to determine which law firms sink and which ones rise to the top.

At SLS Consulting, Inc., we have a long history of top ranking law firm clients. We have consistently ranked our clients at the top of search results for over 20 years. If you want to be #1 in your market and get ahead of the competition, give us a call at (323) 254-1510. We have brought our clients Billions of dollars in cases and we can help you too.

Best In Search | Top SEOs

Our SEO Services for Lawyers

At SLS Consulting, Inc. we know that the company you choose as your marketing partner will affect your bottom line for years to come. This is why our marketing packages include a robust, white hat SEO program with regional exclusivity. We handle every aspect of your search engine optimization.

All of our sites are built indepedently, so you aren’t locked into a proprietary platform like some other marketing companies. Your website will belong to you 100 percent.

Because we fully customize our sites and marketing plans, we do not rely on plugins or other systems to artificially manage your SEO. Your site is always tailored to your practice area, location, and marketing goals. We offer transparent service and monthly progress reports to help you track real-world results. Whether you are a multi-practice firm or a boutique personal injury firm, we have something unique to help you succeed.

Give us a call at (323) 254-1510 to request your hand-crafted SEO audit and a free consultation.

Top Search Results

Search Engine Optimization for lawyers is all about whether your website comes up first, when potential clients are searching online. Top rankings are determined by each search engine's complex algorithms. Our techniques and strategies capitalize on these algorithms to boost your site’s rankings and deliver more traffic to your pages. Content is king when it comes to how a page ranks, and we produce content that is relevant, informative, and accurate—which is exactly what search engines look for.

Quantifiable Quality

We don’t just bring traffic to your website, we bring the type of visitors you’re looking for--and who are looking for you. We understand that views are only half the battle, and that what you’re really looking for is conversions; ultimately gaining a potential client’s trust. We’ll design a multi-pronged, digital marketing campaign, using content, linking, directories, and more, to bring you the type of searchers whose needs you can best serve.

Our SEO strategy brought 314.72% more new users to jD Law Criminal Defense Attorneys’ website during the first year.

One Happy Client

jD Law Criminal Defense Attorneys is signing plenty of cases

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firm now ranks #1 in Google for

some key terms.

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Our Process


We Leave No Stone Unturned

We begin with a comprehensive audit of your existing website, reviewing all facets of SEO; including optimization, backlinks, rankings, and competitive standing. Looking at every aspect of your site will help us determine what improvements can be made. Once the audit is complete, we will develop a custom SEO strategy for your site, created at both the macro and micro levels.


Getting You Up To Speed

To get you ranking as soon as possible, we’ll immediately elevate your site’s basic components of SEO up to industry standards. We do this by optimizing title tags, internal linking, keywords, and more. Our team will also design a robust local SEO package for your site, boosting it to rank in local searches, as well as organic searches.


Alive and Thriving

An effective SEO strategy is a living process, meaning that our involvement with your site doesn’t end after the initial overhaul. Throughout the remainder of your contract, we will continually perform ongoing edits as we add new content and update optimization to reflect the needs of your firm. This typically includes structural changes with the implementation of your redesign, as well as frequent updates to internal linking.


It’s An Ongoing Relationship

As long as you’re with SLS, we won’t give up on your site. We will continue to monitor the performance of your site, adjusting our optimization to encourage long-term growth in the areas you need it most. We’re committed to the success of your web presence, and will keep up a continual dialogue concerning the performance of your site.

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