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Search Engine Optimization is all about whether your website comes up first, 10th, or 100th in a web search. These rankings are determined by each search engine's complex algorithms. Our techniques and strategies capitalize on these algorithms to boost your site’s rankings and deliver more traffic to your pages. Content is king when it comes to how a page ranks, and we produce content that is relevant, informative, and accurate—which is exactly what search engines look for.

Quantifiable Quality

We don’t just bring traffic to your website, we bring the type of visitors you’re looking for--and who are looking for you. We understand that views are only half the battle, and that what you’re really looking for is conversions; ultimately gaining a potential client’s trust. We’ll design a multi-pronged, digital marketing campaign, using content, linking, directories, and more, to bring you the type of searchers whose needs you can best serve.

Our SEO strategy brought 314.72% more new users to JD Law’s website during the first year.

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Our Process


We Leave No Stone Unturned

We begin with a comprehensive audit of your existing website, reviewing all facets of SEO; including optimization, backlinks, rankings, and competitive standing. Looking at every aspect of your site will help us determine what improvements can be made. Once the audit is complete, we will develop a custom SEO strategy for your site, created at both the macro and micro levels.


Getting You Up To Speed

To get you ranking as soon as possible, we’ll immediately elevate your site’s basic components of SEO up to industry standards. We do this by optimizing title tags, internal linking, keywords, and more. Our team will also design a robust local SEO package for your site, boosting it to rank in local searches, as well as organic searches.


Alive and Thriving

An effective SEO strategy is a living process, meaning that our involvement with your site doesn’t end after the initial overhaul. Throughout the remainder of your contract, we will continually perform ongoing edits as we add new content and update optimization to reflect the needs of your firm. This typically includes structural changes with the implementation of your redesign, as well as frequent updates to internal linking.


It’s An Ongoing Relationship

As long as you’re with SLS, we won’t give up on your site. We will continue to monitor the performance of your site, adjusting our optimization to encourage long-term growth in the areas you need it most. We’re committed to the success of your web presence, and will keep up a continual dialogue concerning the performance of your site.

Custom, Exclusive SEO for Lawyer Websites

Be the Lawyer People Find

Have you ever wondered how other legal websites outrank yours on Google? The answer to this question is SEO, or search engine optimization.

Ranking on Google isn’t dumb luck. There are a number of factors – upwards of 200, in fact – that determine which law firms sink and which ones rise to the top when someone performs a search. And, as you are probably aware, the first page of search results is where people find the attorneys they hire.

Our SEO Services

At SLS Consulting, Inc. we know that the company you choose for online marketing will affect your bottom line for years to come. This is why our marketing packages include a robust, white hat SEO program with regional exclusivity. We handle every aspect of your search engine optimization, including:

Because we fully customize our sites, we do not rely on plugins or systems to artificially manage your SEO. Your site is always tailored to your practice area, location, and marketing goals. We offer transparent service and monthly progress reports to help you track real-world results. Whether you are a multi-practice firm or a boutique personal injury firm, we have something unique to help you succeed.

Give us a call at (323) 254-1510 to request your hand-crafted SEO audit and a free consultation.

What Is SEO?

SEO is the process of helping websites rank higher in SERPs (search engine result pages). Broadly speaking, this involves building a trustworthy site that provides the best possible user experience. Even text people see in SERPs is tied to optimization. In some ways, everything we do plays a role in SEO.

On a more specific level, SEO is built around two main trust signals: content and backlinks.

Content is the text that users read on your web page. Google’s Panda and Hummingbird algorithms analyze every site to determine if their content helpful, unique, and authoritative.

Backlinks are the links you receive from other websites. These links function like “votes,” passing trust from other sites to yours. Google’s Penguin algorithm monitors these links to determine if they seem artificial or low-quality, and ranks your site accordingly.

These factors, followed by a machine learning system called Rank Brain, constitute the top 3 ranking signals for Google search results.

How Long Does It Take to Rank on Google?

As much as we would like to promise immediate, first-spot results, the truth is that SEO is a long-term play. Google has said that most websites take between 4 and 12 months to see results from SEO. In the competitive field of legal marketing, we have found that most lawyers must wait at least 6 months to see the needle start moving.

If someone promises you immediate results, they are either lying to you or applying black hat tricks that will ultimately do you more harm than good.

Remember, SEO is not about a single trick – it is about hard, honest work. Over the years, we have seen many “shortcuts” bring sites to the top of SERPs for a while only to destroy them later. But attorney websites with a strong foundation of white-hat SEO, like our clients in New York City and Phoenix, have stayed on page one for decades. Complying with Google’s guidelines is not the easy path, but it is the best one.

Pitfalls of Legal SEO: What to Avoid

Lawyers face many unique challenges in online marketing. Fierce competition and catastrophic Google updates have left many firms without a viable source of new leads. Worse, many marketing companies exploit law firms with hollow promises of success. The result? Many law firms spend thousands of dollars per year and see no progress in their online marketing.

If you have tried SEO for years with no results, any of these problems may be to blame:

  • Lack of transparency – Many marketing companies promise the world during the sales process but, after you sign up, offer nothing of value to the firm. Worse, they are not clear about how money is used on your campaign. If you believe your SEO or ad spend is going to waste, ask questions. A good company will give you a clear idea of how your site is performing.
  • Black hat SEO – Black hat optimization is any method of ranking that goes directly against Google’s guidelines. These tactics are popular because they are cheap and may provide immediate gratification. Regrettably, they are also doomed to fail as Google updates its algorithms. Never trust a marketing company that will compromise your best interests by violating Google’s guidelines.
  • Non-exclusive marketing – If your marketing company handles multiple clients in your city, chances are you are not receiving the attention needed to compete in SERPs. Don’t fall prey to companies who are more interested in their cash flow than your ability to rank.
  • Multiple Websites – Are you using multiple websites for the same firm? This strategy is not only against best practices but also a surefire way to destroy your web presence.
  • Fake Offices – Many law firms try to set up fake or virtual offices in numerous locations to create the illusion that their firm services various clients. This is harmful to your practice and can also cause a negative experience for your clients.
  • Superficial Work – If your marketing package consists of work for its own sake, such as high volumes of low-quality content and social media posts, you probably aren’t getting what you need to thrive online.
  • Inability to Track ROI – ROI is the only facet of your SEO program that really matters. Why invest in SEO if you have no idea what you are getting out of it?

With SEO, you often get what you pay for. Buying thousands of inexpensive links will not bring the long-term success you deserve. With so much on the line, you cannot afford to settle on an inferior marketing plan.

Looking for Honest Law Firms

We got into the business of attorney marketing because we know firsthand how unethical some lawyers and marketing companies can be. We want to help the good guys! We choose to partner with attorneys who care about their clients as much as they care about their caseload – because these are the same values we hold.

If you are tired of spinning your wheels and want real SEO service, we are here to help. Our initial consultation comes with a completely personalized audit to show you how we can help improve your rankings. Contact us at (323) 254-1510 to learn more.

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