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At SLS Consulting, we have helped countless law firms not only improve their online presence, but also prove themselves to be an authority in the area of law they practice and the state that they work in. As such, we understand that even the most highly skilled and experienced law firm can have their reputation and history of success poorly represented online.

If you are an up and coming law firm or a well established law firm that has a weak presence online, you may be wondering where to start. Think about the following areas and consider whether your firm’s presence is weak and could use improvement.

Website Design

When was the last time your website design was updated? In some cases, your site may be slightly behind the times, while in others, your homepage may still be filled with gifs and multicolored word art for page titles. In either case, visitors will often have a poor first impression of your company based on visuals and search engines will often rank you poorly.

Knowledgeable Content

Does the content you publish show that you thoroughly know the area of law you practice? Web pages, blog entries, and social media updates all have their own style, but they should consistently show your knowledge and insight. Keep content relevant to your area of practice and use dependable sources to back up the information you provide. Anyone coming to your site should be able to find in-depth information on the area of law they need help in and with as little difficulty as possible.

Proof of Success

Have you found success in the courtroom? Then you should show it online. Client testimonials and case results that are published on your site, with the permission of clients, can quickly solidify your reputation. Anyone can make themselves look good online, but these facts can help prove the quality of your work.

Consistent Online Activity

How often do you leave a mark online? Whether you like it or not, the frequency of your activities online will leave a large impression on potential clients. Additionally, a stagnant site will be less likely to rank well in search engines. Blogs, website updates, and social media activity can all keep your firm going strong online.

Insight and Experience You Can Depend On

If your law firm is in need of a stronger online presence, get in touch with the team at SLS Consulting and learn more about how we can help you. Through a call to (323) 254-1510, you can learn more about how you can benefit from our help and what a strong online presence can do for your law firm’s reputation.

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