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person writing in a notebook near a laptop An essential part of a solid legal internet marketing plan is a custom law blog that is regularly updated with relevant, engaging, and informative content as well as one with effective search engine optimization (SEO).

A legal blog serves many purposes. A blog provides your law firm the opportunity to highlight its legal experience, cover current events that relate to your areas of practice, initiate discussion with readers, establish a community, and boost your online presence and authority.

At SLS Consulting, Inc., our legal blogging and writing team ensures that blogs include relevant keyword phrases and are optimized to achieve successful search engine results. In applying effective and ethical search engine optimization (SEO) to blog posts, this content contributes to link building for your firm. Our team of writers and bloggers write, edit, post, optimize, and distribute blog articles that cover topics pertinent to each law firm's legal experience, geographic location, and target audience. Call us at (323) 254-1510 for more information.

Unique Legal Blog Design and Content Management

It is important for your legal blog to serve as a catalyst for spreading the word about your law firm's accomplishments, areas of focus, and intentions for helping those in need. One of the great things about a blog is that it has the ability to generate discussion and create an online community.

Legal blogs do not always have to be an extension of your website, but it can be a medium for you to expand on pertinent legal issues addressed on your website. At SLS, we strive for nothing short of extraordinary when it comes to providing blogs that match the desires of our clients and fit the needs of their target audience in relation to SEO.

In devising an effective internet marketing strategy specific to the goals of your law firm, our web designers and programmers will create unique blog designs cohesive to your law firm's brand. Once your original blog is created, we will help manage the blog by providing blog content, editing, posting, and optimizing blogs you and your firm have either provided or approved for posting. The blogging team at SLS makes sure that blogs are optimized for specific keywords and keyword phrases that the law firm or attorney wishes to rank well for on the search engines.

Blog topics and optimization correlate with updated marketing plans in relation to target geographical regions, practice areas, and keywords. The blogging plan for your firm will focus on a monthly amount of blogs to be written to help the SEO of every major practice area and geographical area on your main website. Depending on the goals of your firm, multiple blogs will be created and managed to provide more detailed information about a particular area of law.

Grow Your Business: Custom Blogs for Your Unique Marketing Plan

Since 1999, SLS Consulting, Inc. has been assisting law firms and attorneys in establishing online authority and achieving favorable search engine results. In devising an effective marketing plan for each of our clients, the blog sector is structured to assist in obtaining long-term results on the web to encourage discussion among readers, turning visitors into potential clients.

We are a boutique company at SLS Consulting, Inc., lending us the ability to work closely together to carry out the precise goals described in legal marketing plans specific to each law firm. In dedicating the time it takes to get to know our clients and their objectives, we are able to capture a law firm's personality through website design, content, blogs, social networking profiles, and much more.

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