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We all know that 2020 was the craziest year so far – not just for marketing but for every human on the planet.  2021 didn’t start off much better with the news of Google’s newest Core Web Vitals update and major updates to Google My Business. Through it all, SLS clients remained steady.  Our clients not only fared well during the Pandemic but continue to gain momentum as the world returns to some semblance of normal.

SLS is a small, exclusive, lawyer marketing company with less than 40 clients. In 2021 we generated over 47,000 first time calls for our clients. A true testament to the fact that solid, white-hat, SEO is still the most powerful tool for marketing your legal website.

Are you Gambling with your Marketing in 2022?

Many SEO firms are starting to use questionable marketing tactics to try to get their clients’ websites ranking higher. We have seen more black hat marketing since 2020 than ever before. Make sure you aren’t gambling it all by using a company that uses “get there quick” techniques. These things may (or may not) work short-term, but sooner or later Google will catch on and penalize your website.

The only legal way to get to the top quickly is to pay for it through Google PPC or LSAs, but you should only use paid ads to subsidize your organic SEO. SLS clients get most of their calls from organic SEO, not from paid ads.

At SLS, our clients are confident in the knowledge that we leave no stone unturned when it comes to marketing their websites. We investigate every new opportunity and test everything before suggesting it to our clients. We use exclusive Google-approved tried and true techniques we have developed over time to keep our clients’ websites ranking above the rest. In this race, the turtle really does win the race.

SLS has been marketing lawyers on the Internet for over two decades. When it comes to hats, we don’t even know what the color “grey” looks like – white hat is the only color we wear. Even though we went virtual in 2020 when the world turned upside down, our team is stronger than ever. Our team is almost exclusively in-house, working together to make our websites the best they can be.  We hold ourselves to a very high standard, which is why we give our clients complete exclusivity in their geographic region and practice areas.

In 2021, SLS won two esteemed awards for website design. We have recently been honored with one of our websites being included in the Top 10 Legal Websites by DesignRush.

See What SLS Can Do For You!

If your marketing company isn’t living up to their promises, or if you suspect they are using black hat methods to try to get your website ahead, contact SLS. We can give you a quick analysis of your website and let you know if your marketing company is doing a good job. True organic SEO takes time but is worth the effort. SLS has been helping lawyers grow their practices through Internet marketing and search engine optimization for over 20 years.

We give our clients complete exclusivity for their geographic region and practice areas, so if we aren’t open in your area, we can review your website and refer to you someone reputable who can help you.

If there is one thing this Pandemic has shown us – it’s you never know what tomorrow may bring, so don’t wait to make a change! Call today – (310) 254-1510.






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