Paid ads take over the top spots on Google or Bing ahead of any organic search results, and are even showing up on Facebook. Wouldn’t you like your law firm to show up in these spots? Pay-per-click advertising can be a good investment—if you have the right partner guiding you through it. We do keyword research and work within your budget to bring you the best results in the shortest amount of time. We fine-tune your terms and boost the quality score of your website in order to prevent you from quickly burning through your PPC spend. Yes, PPC will almost always result in more calls, but are they quality calls from leads you’re actually hoping to sign as clients? Are they enough to justify the cost? Based on the performance of your ads, we adjust your campaign to narrow the search parameters and get you the best return on investment.


You tell us your budget. We research the most profitable search terms in your area, build a campaign in Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords), and design landing pages tailored to your audience. Google has increased options available, including geotargeting specific locations (such as hospitals) and running ads that specifically show up in the local pack. Your campaign can be as unique as your law firm. We’re smart about spending when it comes to PPC, and more than that, we’re accessible. Many attorneys come to us, frustrated after having worked with another PPC provider that just threw money at the broadest terms possible. We don’t do that. We communicate with you and continually ask for your feedback, modifying your campaign strategy. We are transparent about ad spend and send regular reports so you can see your money at work. Clients are a valuable part of a successful process, not just onlookers. We are always accessible and work to get you what you actually want.

A landing page helped enhance the impact of Bicycle Accident PPC campaign we did for our Arizona client The Husband and Wife Law Team.

One Happy Client

Cliff Shapiro

Cliff Shapiro
WRSMH Partner/Attorney

I highly recommend Susan L. Ziegler and SLS Consulting, Inc. for your legal website promotion. Her innovative strategies and techniques have our telephones ringing and our internet mailboxes overflowing. She is enthusiastic, knowledgeable, resourceful, and always makes herself available to discuss new ideas. She is at the top of her game!

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Our Process


We Research Your Needs

PPC is a type of internet marketing where advertisers pay a nominal fee every time someone clicks on one of their ads. It is basically a way of buying a higher ranking for your website that functions independently from organic search results. We begin your PPC campaign by analyzing your firm’s needs, preferred practice areas, and how to get the highest possible return on your investment.


Creating a Strategy That Works for You

Using what we learned from our research, we will proceed to create a PPC strategy that meets your needs. We will make an estimate of your cost-per-click rate, cost-per-acquisition rate, and your rate of conversion. In the end, we will present you with a PPC strategy which is cost effective and falls within your budget. We charge a one-time setup fee, then a monthly management fee. Clients are free to alter their contract at any time.


Boosting Your Quality Score

We will write and design your ads, using keywords designed to drive traffic to your site. We’ll also write and design customized landing pages, built to convert through targeted and engaging content. By creating optimized landing pages and crafting relevant keyword lists, groups, and proper ad text, we can elevate your quality score. A higher quality score means you will get more ad clicks, and at lower costs.


We’re Committed to Your PPC Campaign

A successful PPC campaign needs to be consistently managed through regular evaluation and analysis. Our team will expand and refine your campaign by adding relevant keywords, as well as removing negative keywords. We’ll also review expensive keywords and remove them if they are under performing and not delivering an adequate return on investment. And, we’ll continue to refine your landing pages, so that they will align with search queries and boost conversion rates. Our job doesn’t end once we create your PPC strategy.

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