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Establishing your authority as an experienced bail bond agent in the search engine results pages (SERPs) requires a robust content-marketing strategy. A major part of this is blogging, which allows you to showcase your knowledge of the bail industry and the various resources available to clients in your area.

But when you first get started, you might feel intimidated by the blank page, or worry that your competitors have already covered every topic extensively. Don’t be. We at SLS Consulting, Inc., have helped many clients break into internet marketing with creative and engaging blog posts, and we can guide you through the process as well.

Draw on Your Own Experiences

No one can tell the story of your agency’s success or provide in-depth knowledge about the bail industry better than you. Based on your years of experience, you can provide invaluable answers to readers’ questions while also highlighting your firsthand experience with different scenarios. If you have kept clients’ bail from becoming forfeit after someone missed a court appearance, or created custom payment plans for underprivileged clients, these stories should make great topics for your blog. Given that they are unique to your agency, you can trust that your competitors will have a hard time duplicating that content or matching your tone. You can also add a level of authenticity to your posts with real-world examples of how you have helped clients. Just make sure to change all the identifying information, or get their permission first!

Focus on Your Readers

Until they are arrested, most people have very little idea about how to post bail or who to talk to. They may have dozens of questions, each of which can be its own blog post. A great area to start with is brainstorming the questions most clients ask you about bail and the local legal system on the first call. You can cover broad topics that most readers may need help understanding, or get into specific questions that only experienced bail bond agents know the answers to. You can also find topics by making general searches in Google and looking at the rich snippets under the “People Also Ask…” section or topics under “Related Searches” at the bottom of the SERP.

Write Authoritative Content

Some topics may not seem immediately useful to your readers but may be important to their understanding of the bail industry. Writing a blog post that summarizes the history of bail reform in New York, for example, may not help a reader get his loved one out of jail, but it will establish your authority in the industry. Authoritative content is often useful for reporters, researchers, and other bloggers who need sources. If your blog gets picked up by another site, it may help with your link-building campaign.

Keep an Eye Out for Relevant Local Topics

Talking about new laws and changes to legal procedures in your geographic region is a great way to demonstrate your authority on a topic while also educating readers about important events. You may have an expert opinion on how bail reform is shaping up in your county courts, knowledge about the current state of local jails and prisons, or experience handling certain cases in your community. For example, breaking down local burglary rates may be useful for a discussion on how judges assign bail in these cases and what your agency can do to help potential clients. Watching the local news may help inspire new ideas for your blog.

Look at Older Content on Your Site

We have worked with many clients who had extensive FAQ or Library sections on their sites. These sections often contain short answers or articles on how to handle certain cases. While these pages may not perform well on their own, they can be repurposed for your blog. Or maybe legal procedures have changed in your county, and you may have the opportunity to update your old content for new readers. This type of content is useful for sharing across your social media accounts as well.

Interlink Where Needed

Your blog is a great area on your website to tie in multiple topics and services. If you have pages dedicated to specific regions or bail bond topics, make sure to include the links throughout relevant blogs. Your links should feel natural and not distract readers who are trying to focus on the content, while also benefiting users who do click on them.

Speak to SLS About Your Content Strategy

Building out content for your bail bond agency takes time, effort, and a change in perspective. Before we came on the scene, many of our clients had developed tunnel vision when creating new content, often focusing only on certain topics or regions. By providing a new perspective, we helped them create a diverse blog that showcased their expertise, knowledge, and relevance.

If you need help expanding your bail bond blog and bringing in new clients, reach out to the bail bond marketing experts at SLS Consulting, Inc. We have more than 20 years of experience marketing businesses online and we work with a dedicated team of in-house writers on every project. Our team can help you brainstorm new blog topics and combine your authority and experience with their writing skills to create engaging content. To get free consultation today, call us at (323) 254-1510 or toll-free at (877) 248-3529.

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