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You’ve probably heard the pitch: Your website looks great, but it could really use some links! You may have received emails from other law firms or websites claiming: We would love to showcase our content on your website for free. Or, from less scrupulous firms: Let’s swap links!

Links are everywhere, and schemes for building them are seemingly endless. While we would always recommend talking with a trusted SEO company before link building (bad links can be bad news for your website), we think that some of the best opportunities for links might be right under your nose!

Here are strong local options for links that are likely already available to your firm:

  1. Chambers of Commerce: Join local Chambers of Commerce where you want to rank (especially if they have a member directory).
  2. Sponsorships: Sponsoring a local organization, team, or school? Ask for a link! These are often the best links, and they help the community.
  3. Speaking Engagements and Presentations: If you are doing a presentation, make sure your local speaking engagement links to your website.
  4. Legal Directories: Make sure you are set up on Avvo, Justia, and These often rank well in Google results and are a good sign that your SEO efforts are working.
  5. Advertisements: Some types of ads come with a link. The more ways you can get people to your website, the better.

That said, there are many pitfalls to avoid. Not all links are good links. Legal directories are rampant across the internet, and you can even find them for lawyer directories. Your best options are to avoid any site that doesn’t have relevant content or is not already working in your field. Ask yourself how much you trust a website and if you think it is credible enough for your firm.

If you aren’t sure about a link opportunity, always ask your SEO provider. Any SEO company worth their salt will help you avoid links that could harm your website.

And if you don’t already have someone handling your SEO, well, you’re in luck. SLS Consulting, Inc. has extensive experiencing building linking strategies for our clients, from planning out high-traffic scholarship campaigns to updating Google My Business profiles with relevant information. We can work with you to review the best linking opportunities in your local community or state and prepare an in-depth strategy that helps you build your caseload. To get started and learn how to best optimize your local search results, contact our legal internet marketing team at (323) 254-1510.

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