Locally Sourced Audience

When potential clients search for an attorney on Google or Bing, they will get three types of results: paid, local, and organic. Local search results, or listings, are extremely important to your business because they put you in touch with your most-likely customers: those in your geographical area. A successful local campaign ensures potential clients find you easily when searching on Google or on their smartphone.


Search engines rank websites locally using the following criteria: proximity, consistency of data, and reviews. To be ranked higher than your competition you will need a winning strategy. Consistency is key for local citations, so we first we optimize your listing, then we meticulously go through your website to ensure there is no conflicting information regarding your name, address, and phone number. Finally, we scour the web to make sure listing information is consistent across the web. You will be listed everywhere that matters, which will give you the advantage over your toughest competition.

Consistency of data and positive client reviews helped ensure that our client The Husband & Wife Law Team is always on top of the list of local search results.

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Cliff Shapiro

Cliff Shapiro
WRSMH Partner/Attorney

I highly recommend Susan L. Ziegler and SLS Consulting, Inc. for your legal website promotion. Her innovative strategies and techniques have our telephones ringing and our internet mailboxes overflowing. She is enthusiastic, knowledgeable, resourceful, and always makes herself available to discuss new ideas. She is at the top of her game!

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Our Process


Knowing Your History

Before we can dive into updating your directory listings and other citations on the internet, we have to be aware of your firm’s history. Has your firm name ever changed? Have you always been located at the same address? How many different phone numbers have you used over the years? Knowing answers to these questions will allow us to track down stray listings that you might not even be aware of. Sometimes, these listings could even be having an adverse impact on your search presence.


Working For You By Working With You

For most directory listings, we’ll need to gain access to the listing in order to update it. To do so, we may need to either claim the listing, or work with a larger aggregator site to get the listing updated. Often times, we’ll have to work directly with your firm in order to complete the claims process. We’ll send detailed instructions for what the firm will need to provide, and communicate directly with customer support on the firm’s behalf when possible.


Maintaining Consistency and Keeping You In the Loop

Once your listings are updated to reflect your most current name, address, and phone number, we monitor those listings to ensure that the information stays that way. Sometimes, directories will revert back to previous versions of the listing, and when that happens we need to be ready to edit it as soon as possible to mitigate any confusion caused by the inconsistency. If a rogue listing arises, we’ll let you know that we took care of it.


Competitive Analysis to Look for Additional Listing Opportunities

Google and other search engines tend to favor websites that are continually being updated. When it comes to local search and a website’s backlink profile, it’s no different. In order to keep pace with and surpass your competition, we’re constantly looking for additional linking opportunities for your website. Some of these opportunities may be tied to larger marketing campaigns, while others may be directory sites we found your competitors listed on. Either way, we’ll thoroughly review how valuable the link is to determine whether or not we should work towards getting your website listed.

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