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The greatest proof of one’s ability is their experience. When someone is trying to find legal help, they may search high and low to find the firm that has handled cases similar to theirs. They’re looking for familiarity and hope that you can get them the results they want. If you show your clients right away that you have won cases like theirs before, it will give them the confidence to choose you as their lawyer more than anything else.

Do Not Hide Your Accomplishments

Whether a client is looking for a defense lawyer who can get their charges drop before a trial, or a personal injury attorney who is not afraid to take a case to court, they want to know if you can handle their case. They are going to look at your certifications, your awards, your reviews, and, most importantly, your old cases. If you have an extensive list of sizable car accident cases, then you should not be afraid to hide it.

Unfortunately, many firms forget to showcase their accomplishments on their websites, oftentimes only sharing them only on a single page. A dedicated case results page is important and useful, but you can also share them on other relevant landing pages for your practice areas and, most importantly, on your homepage.

Instead of hiding your case results, put them front and center on your homepage’s banner. While you can mention them in more detail further down the page, the prime spot for case results is above the fold. Potential clients will be able to quickly see what you specialize in, the types of results you can provide them, and how successful you are.

But you do not want to overcrowd your homepage, especially if you have handled a high volume of cases. You will want to select a handful of cases that display your unique skills as well as the types of results you can provide. You will also want to focus on the types of cases you are interested in taking on. Remember, for someone who is looking for a divorce attorney, it does not matter if you recovered hundreds of millions of dollars or zero in personal injury cases—they only care about relevant experience.

Keeping Your Homepage Balanced

Showcasing your case results properly can be an art unto itself. When you are designing a homepage, keep in mind the type of cases you want to bring in and what clients may be looking for. This balance may be tricky if your firm covers multiple practice areas; however, diversity can be a boon to you as well. You may not be able to showcase every single practice area or all of your top awards, but you can focus on the main ones to showcase your firm’s versatility.

Keeping this all in mind while also adding group photos, client reviews, and awards can be difficult, which is why working with a skilled and experienced graphic design team may be your best option. At SLS Consulting, Inc., our team has worked with numerous law firms over the years and has seen first-hand how our designs have impacted a firm’s website, both in terms of usability and relevance. To learn how we can work with your firm to showcase your lawyer’s skills and accomplishments, contact SLS Consulting, Inc. at (323) 254-1510.

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