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How does your website stack up against your competitors? Is it easy to use? Is it fast? Does it display properly on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices?

Most importantly, if you put your website in a lineup with other law firms’ sites, and people were asked to choose the best-looking site, would anyone pick yours?

When it comes to converting site visitors into potential clients, your website design is a huge factor. If your competition has a modern, fast, responsive website design and you do not, you are at a huge disadvantage.

Modern website design is what people expect. It is what your potential clients prefer. When the Internet is filled with sites that look and feel a certain way, the last thing you want is a site that is not standing up to the competition. You want to stand out, but not because your website looks old! Even if the services you offer are head and shoulders above other lawyers, a poorly designed, outdated website will hurt the way people perceive your firm.

How SLS Sites Beat the Competition

Our websites are designed not only to convert visitors into leads, but also to comply with Google and other major search engines. Our coding is streamlined and easy for search spiders and Internet bots to crawl. This means your site will be quickly and properly indexed to give it the best opportunity possible to rank for important search terms. We use A/B testing and heat maps to create user experiences that reflect how real-world users search your website.

Beyond the technical, our website designs are built with each client’s law firm specifically in mind. We take the time to capture your unique voice via site content, so why wouldn’t we take the time to capture your personality via the look and feel of your website? We work closely with you to build the website you want to showcase and offer you our hard-earned knowledge of what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to getting the phone to ring.

By the time your website redesign goes live, it is ready to convert right away. We continually test and update your website to keep conversion numbers high, always keeping your ability to convert in mind because that’s what’s going to impact your bottom line.

Designing Websites that Look Great and Capture Leads

When most lawyers contact us, they are concerned that they are not ranking as well as they should be, or that they are not signing as many cases as they would like. There are a variety of reasons that a website is not converting as well as it should, but a major factor is an outdated, non-responsive design.

At SLS Consulting, we build modern websites that not only highlight your law firm’s strengths and accomplishments, but also convert site visitors into potential leads. We research the ever-changing tastes of the average Internet user, and we ensure that our websites are designed to maximize conversions. We always take Google best practices into account to give your website the best chance possible to outrank your competitors.

Design and coding go hand in hand when it comes to making a great website. For every attorney site we design, we work with our in-house coding team to:

  • Make your site as fast as possible. Site speed is an increasingly important factor in both Google’s algorithm and a user’s decision to stay and learn more or move on to the next law firm.
  • Make your site as responsive as possible.
  • Make your site as secure as possible.
  • Guide how the user will interact with your site, ultimately leading them to email, chat, or call the firm.

A great attorney website does not just rely on a beautiful aesthetic. It works in harmony with all facets of your internet marketing. It has to be innovative and constantly evolve to appeal to your user base and it needs to be consistently tested and updated in order to perform at the highest level it possibly can. A modern design cannot make up for poorly written content, and vice versa. A well-optimized site will not convert as well (or at all) if the site design gives users a poor experience.

All pieces of the legal marketing puzzle need to be given proper attention, and that’s exactly what SLS Consulting provides each one of our clients. Contact us at (323) 254-1510 to learn more about updating your law firm’s website’s design.

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