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Redesigning your website is not just a good idea for older websites; it’s a natural part of staying relevant online. Website style is constantly evolving, making any site that is out of step with the rest of the Internet seem old. Plus, search engines are evolving their guidelines at a more rapid pace than ever. As such, it is vital that you know when it is time to redesign your site.

Pasadena Website DesignWhile most companies complete a redesign at most every two years, according to Hubspot, that does not mean that there is an exact timeline for redesigning. Be aware of the following ideas when considering a redesign so that you don’t make a mistake when making crucial alterations to your website.

Why Are You Redesigning?

Think about what has motivated you to start a redesign and consider the legitimacy of the reason. Are you simply tired of your current look? Do you simply think it’s been too long since the last redesign? Are you trying to look like someone else? Is it simply to gain attention? All of these reasons have one thing in common: they have no connection to actual improvements.

Your redesign should be all about improving your site’s functions, looks, and visitor interaction. Redesigns that are simply meant to shake things up have no real value. Remember, you are investing time, money, and the good will of your visitors in your redesign. Make sure it’s based on real needs!

Do You Have a Vision for Your New Look?

If you are simply marching ahead with a redesign without clear goals in mind, you may wind up making some serious mistakes. Part of creating strong goals is understanding what is wrong with your website currently. Outdated graphics, poor search engine optimization, and increasing bounce rates can all be addressed by a redesign, but not all of them are necessarily a priority. By fully understanding what makes your redesign a success or failure, you can work on it until you are satisfied.

Also, do not simply copy what other companies are doing. Whether it is a competitor or just a giant on the Internet, their look is not necessarily right for you. Think about your visitors and your strengths. This should inform the nature of what your site will look like in the future.

Are You Planning for the Future?

Yes, redesigns should happen every few years, but that does not mean your redesign should not look and run great for years to come. Do not settle for a design that is simply fine for now. This will quickly become out of date and start hurting your company sooner rather than later. You also do not know when your next redesign will happen, so make this one count. Take time to consider where your company is heading and what the future of website design will be. Be the one who influences others, rather than playing keep-up with others in your market.

Guiding You to a Stronger Website

At SLS Consulting, we are dedicated to creating website redesigns that incorporate knowledgeable cutting edge design, insightful search engine optimization techniques, and well-written content. To learn more about how we can help you create a stronger online presence and well-rounded website, call us today at (323) 254-1510.

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