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There is nothing like a strong first impression, especially when it comes to web design. When a potential client clicks on your website, they’re checking to see if you are the right attorney for them. But online users can make split-second decisions about a law firm based just a quick glance at a landing page, meaning you only have a blink of an eye to grab their attention. How will you do that? Well, it all comes down to a proper introduction.

When people land on your firm’s website, the first thing they see is everything above the fold (a.k.a. the header.) The best way to grab their attention and convert them into leads is to give them a singular reason to hire you. Ask yourself: What makes me different and, more importantly, better than my competition? Since self-assessment can be hard, it is always helpful to go through your client testimonials to find out what objectively makes you unique. Do not hide behind generic lawyer qualities; tell your potential clients what makes you different.

Older websites tend to have more crowded headers with disorganized links, mismatched font sizes and coloring, and a lack of distinct style. But to grab a user right out the gate, you will want to have a uniform, clean design that shows off what makes you unique and why you are the right attorney to handle their case. Everything that makes your firm special – from your practice areas to case results to client reviews, should all be accounted for when designing your website.

This can seem like a balancing act, and it often is. Add too much information to the header and a potential client could get scared and confused and click away. Add too little, however, and they may be unsure if you have enough experience to handle their case. That is where client testimonials come into play. How past clients write and think about you can illuminate just how you and your firm present yourself–and this should be highlighted through your website.

If you are still unsure about how to set a good impression with users, reach out to the team at SLS Consulting Inc. We have consulted with hundreds of firms and designed responsive, award-winning websites that showcase their distinctive brands and experiences. When we work with new clients, we diligently research their websites and build unique style guides just for them so they can set a strong impression with potential clients. Call us at (323) 254-1510 to learn just how we can help you grow your caseload through high-quality web design.

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