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Now that we are all working from home and the courts are closed, the Internet Scammers are out in force! Just this week we have seen at least a dozen emails from scammers trying to sell all kinds of marketing schemes from the past – that didn’t work then and won’t work now!

Here’s an example from one of we received today:

“I challenge you Mr. —–. Do a quick Google search for “crashblogging”. Nothing pertaining to lawyers comes up at all. This is because crashblogging is one of the most underused tactics a law firm has to enhance their SEO, and subsequently drive more traffic to their site, resulting in more cases.

  • Each time an accident is reported, we will post to your website, or to a separate dedicated site:
    • Custom blurb about the accident
    • Google map location of where the accident was
    • Connect these posts to your Google My Business Profile and any social media if you so choose”

Despite these claims, “crashblogging” is not an “underused tactic” for law firms; it is simply a very bad idea for personal injury lawyers! Regurgitating news articles is a short-term and ineffective strategy that capitalizes on headlines but does little to improve your long-term authority with Google. Many marketing firms used this tactic for blogs way back when we didn’t know any better – and now we definitely know better.

Blogging about accidents is not the way to drive more traffic to your website. The way to drive more traffic to your website is with a solid marketing plan that includes white hat SEO, selective paid advertising, and an aggressive social media plan. Tried and true is the only way.

If you need a fresh look at your Internet marketing plan (that doesn’t include gimmicks), give us a call at (323) 254-1510.

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