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Getting the Best Leads for Success

Looking for the right personal injury attorney is not like buying a dishwasher or trying to find someone to fix your car. The buyer’s journey is completely different, and marketers are destined to fail if they don’t appreciate who your clients are and the unique circumstances that prompted them to seek your services.

People who need a personal injury attorney are facing a serious crisis, possibly the worst thing that’s ever happened to them. And they don’t know where to turn. A person in this situation is looking for three things in a personal injury attorney:

  1. Someone who understands what they are going through;
  2. Someone who knows what they are doing;
  3. Someone they can trust.

Effective personal injury lawyer internet marketing puts you in front of the people who need your help and convinces them that you know how to make things better.

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Finding the Right Strategy for You

The first step in creating your marketing strategy is identifying your potential client base and determining the types of cases you’re looking for. When marketers cast too wide a net, you end up fielding calls from people who aren’t looking for the services you have to offer. That’s a huge waste of your time and resources.

At SLS Consulting, Inc., we build relationships. That’s the best way to design a growth strategy that matches your vision. To guarantee the perfect fit, we take these factors into account:

  • Your location
  • Your goals
  • Your community
  • Your brand
  • Your practice areas
  • Your budget
  • Your core values

Components of an Effective Digital Marketing Campaign

Digital marketing uses the internet and online technology to attract potential personal injury clients to your firm. In practice, that means convincing people to either call your office or leave you their contact information in a submission form. At this point, the potential client becomes a qualified lead.

The following components of an effective digital marketing strategy work in unison to provide your firm with qualified leads:

  • Website design. A good website loads quickly, has an engaging layout, and delivers a pleasurable user experience (UX). Within a few seconds, someone who visits your site will know that you have the solution to their problem. Intuitive navigation, informative content, and well-placed CTAs will transform the visitor into a lead.
  • Mobile optimization. These days, most Google searches are made from mobile devices. Sites that aren’t mobile-optimized are slow, awkward, and difficult to navigate. It’s important to make sure that mobile visitors will see viewable graphics that fit on the screen, readable text, and buttons that are big enough to use.
  • Authoritative content. Well-written content tells visitors that they’ve come to the right place. If someone searches “What should I do if I was hurt on a boat?”, they should find a page that tells them about different kinds of boating accidents and how they happen, who can be held liable for their injuries, and the types of damages they can receive. If you provide the reader with useful information that’s easy to understand, they’re a lot more likely to contact your office.
  • Organic search traffic. When you have a well-designed website with informative content, you’re going to rank above your competitors in Google searches. And the best thing about these leads is that you’ll never have to pay for them.
  • Pay-Per-Click. Also known as PPC or Search Engine Marketing (SEM), this is a fast and effective way to target potential clients with ads that will show up in Google searches. Designing a cost-effective PPC campaign takes skill and experience. PPC can be very expensive if your marketer doesn’t know how to choose the right mix of keywords.
  • Social Proof. Testimonials are a powerful way to build trust. You can collect testimonials from clients or get them from review sites. You’ll want to feature testimonials throughout your marketing campaign, on your website, on social media channels, in paid advertising, and in traditional marketing venues. Video testimonials displayed on your website and social media are a compelling marketing tool.
  • Social media marketing. You don’t need to use all the channels, but it’s important for your firm to have a social media presence. LinkedIn helps increase brand awareness. And Facebook can be very useful for establishing your firm in the local community, publicizing upcoming events, and generating links to your website. Law firms have also found success with TikTok and YouTube marketing.
  • Google business profile. Formerly known as Google My Business (GMB), a strong Google Business Profile is essential for solidifying your firm’s visibility in Google Searches and generating leads.
  • Testing and analytics. Tools like tracking numbers, A/B testing, and Google Analytics provide crucial feedback that tells you where your leads are coming from and which parts of your marketing campaign are yielding the best results.

Not Happy with Your Current Website?

We can update your website or build you a new one. We’ll also provide you with an integrated marketing strategy that’s ready for the twenty-first century.

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