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Content Marketing PasadenaSo, how well did your content marketing strategy perform in 2014?  With regular Google updates wreaking havoc on ever-changing search results, you’re in a good spot if your website is still ranking.  Content-wise, ranking in today’s SERPs means that your site has quality content that visitors generally find helpful. You probably have a lower bounce rate than a lot of your competitors, and your web pages are almost certainly Hummingbird friendly.

So, what’s left to do now that you’ve given Google the high quality content that it’s always wanted?  The answer is simple: review your content to make sure you’re doing everything you can to convert site visitors to potential clients.  Here are a few points to keep in mind as you review your internet marketing strategy in 2015…

Know Your Audience

In the world of attorney marketing, the tone of a website’s content varies depending on the type of law you practice.  You can’t approach a criminal defense page in the same way you do a family law page, and you can’t approach a personal injury page in the same way that you would a bankruptcy page.  Every audience is different depending on what type of law you practice, and you should always write with that audience in mind (this is especially important if your firm handles more than one area of law).  Try to join the conversation that’s going on in the heads of your site visitors, and you’ll put yourself in a great position to lower your bounce rate and hopefully start getting more phone calls and contact forms.

Have a Conversation

Informative content is great, and you should never stop writing content that educates the reader in some way.  However, in order to help convert site visitors to clients, you’ll want to appeal directly to those visitors, and the best way to do this is to write in a tone that’s not only informational, but conversational as well.  Write the way you would talk to a potential client.  After all, that’s how you’re going to talk to them over the phone and in person, so give them a preview of who you are via your content’s conversational tone.  This style of writing is often easier to read than more technical writing, and keeps the visitor’s attention longer as a result.  This means your bounce rate has a good chance of dropping as more and more visitors decide to delve deeper into your site and see what else you have to say about your area of law.

Don’t Limit Yourself

One of the worst things you can do with your writing is limit yourself to a certain word count or character limit.  Just because you’ve written a few hundred words doesn’t mean that you should wrap it up as soon as you can.  If you’re writing about a complicated legal issue, make sure that you give your reader all the pertinent information that they’re looking for.  Remember to be conversational, but always remember to never cut your content off.  Write until you’re done explaining your legal topic, and provided you’re using the right tone, your readers should respond well and read through until the end.  As an added bonus, a longer content page may help you come across as a true authority in your respective area of law, and could very well lead to potential clients becoming signed clients down the road.

However you choose to tweak your content marketing strategy in 2015, always keep conversions in mind.  Rankings and site traffic mean very little if your phone isn’t ringing and you aren’t bringing in any new business.  Reworking your content to convert better is the next step in building your practice into what you’ve always imagined it could be, and knowing and writing for your audience is key in establishing yourself as a trusted authority that people can relate to and trust.

For help with your content marketing strategy, contact our office to find out how we can help your firm find its voice!

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