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More than ever, well-done written content is one of the pillars of a strong online marketing campaign. Due to a combination of Google’s crackdown on spam and the shifting tastes of consumers, having high quality writing can both boost search engine rankings and snag the attention of readers.

In this entry, we will look at how written content can engage with a reader and make him or her feel connected to a company. Consider these ideas and how they can relate to your company’s style and goals.

Tell a Story

All great writing tells a story, either explicitly or implicitly. Your intro, exposition, and resolution will create questions for the reader and eventually provide some type of answer for him or her. While this is obvious in literature, marketing writing also follows the same path. Creating questions in the minds of readers and then providing answers helps to show that your company is a source of knowledge or the answer to those questions. In any case, a well-done story will make readers invested and interested until the end.

Be Passionate About Your Subject

Passion is an incredibly difficult emotion to fake, not just in person but also in writing. If you are not passionate about the subject you are writing about, then the reader will be able to tell. Additionally, this will affect both the quality and quantity of your writing. Make sure to write on subjects you are passionate about and cultivate passion on all aspects of your company by researching them and learning what other people are passionate about. In turn, this will make readers passionate when reading your content.

Consider Your Medium

Successful online marketing incorporates a wide variety of mediums, each of which have unique styles, guidelines, and audiences. As such, consider where your writing will go before beginning. While sites like Twitter will obviously cause major shifts in writing, web pages, blogs, articles, and press releases not only vary widely from one another, but also from topic to topic. Your piece should not only fit within the constraints of these mediums, but take full advantage of them through use of photos, links, cited sources, headlines, and more. Embrace the medium, and your readers will embrace your content.

Get to Know Your Customer

Make sure that your idea of who is reading your content and the reality of who would actually read your content are one and the same. This includes age, gender, career, and more. By knowing who they are, you can better understand what appeals to them and what does not. Yes, expansion of customer base is an important goal, but do not alienate the people who have gotten you this far. Think about what they would read in their free time and what originally brought them to your site. By consistently capturing their attention, they will come to view you as reliable and knowledgeable about the subjects they are interested in.

Strong Writing, Successful Marketing

At SLS Consulting, we know that written content is only one part of a successful marketing campaign. But through the combined efforts of our SEO, writing, design, and social media teams, we can create a strong and successful campaign for your company. To learn more about how your company’s online presence can improve and how we can help you, call (323) 254-1510.

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