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In legal marketing, blog posts can assist your marketing strategy in several ways, but one goal should stand above all others – generating leads and converting them into new clients.

When someone is directed to one of your blog posts through an organic search, chances are they’re looking for a lawyer. They may have been in an accident or they could be facing criminal charges, and they’re trying to learn as much as possible so they can make the right decision.

An effective blog post will put the reader at ease by providing them with useful information. You want to establish authority and convince the reader that you understand their predicament and you know how to help. Ideally, the reader will leave their contact information or call the firm before they leave the website.

If you don’t convert a potential client when they first discover your blog, you probably won’t convert them later. They may be grateful for the information you have provided, but there’s no guarantee they’ll come back to your website when they eventually decide it’s time to hire an attorney.

How Blog Posts Generate Personal Injury Leads

The buyer’s journey has four stages:

  1. Awareness
  2. Interest
  3. Desire
  4. Action

When a potential client comes across your blog post, they could be anywhere along the first three stages of the buyer’s journey. Perhaps the reader was seriously injured in an accident involving a big rig truck, and they have already gotten a lowball offer from the trucking firm’s insurance company.

Maybe the reader has heard on the radio that an attorney can help them get a better settlement if they’ve been in a motor vehicle accident. This is a new experience for the reader, and they want to learn more about their situation before taking the next step in the process.

A person who is still in the Awareness stage may discover your blog called “Finding the Right Lawyer After a Truck Accident.” If the post is well-written and informative, it may convince the reader that they need a personal injury lawyer and prompt them to give you a call.

You might convert the reader directly from the blog post, or they could check out your website to learn more about your firm before making their decision. The important thing is getting them to contact your firm.

How Blog Posts Generate Criminal Defense Attorney Leads

Let’s say someone was arrested for a DUI in Florida and they’re concerned about the type of legal penalties they’re facing. They might search “What are the penalties for getting a second DUI in Florida?” and they find a blog on your website called “What Happens When You Get a Second DUI in Florida?”

A person who’s looking for a criminal defense attorney probably has a strong sense of urgency. After all, they may be facing jail time and other serious consequences. The potential client is already aware that they need an attorney and they’re trying to find the right one. But they still have a lot of questions.

If you write a blog post that answers the reader’s questions, you create a sense of trust. Then you can tell them why they should choose your firm: You have the necessary talent and experience to solve their problem.

You will want to convert the reader into a lead right away. That means convincing them to call your firm or submit their contact information.

Blog Topics That Generate Leads

One effective strategy for search engine optimization (SEO) is finding out what people are looking for and crafting your content to meet their needs. SEO tools such as Semrush, Ahrefs, and Google Analytics can tell you the types of searches people are making and the keywords your competitors are using.

When you know the questions people are asking on Google, you can design content that answers those questions. This is an extremely effective way to generate organic traffic to your blog posts.

To come up with blog topics that will generate leads, concentrate on your practice areas, and think about the types of questions you hear from your clients. Effective blog topics for converting new clients will provide useful information that answers their questions. Here are some examples:

  • 6 things to do after you’ve been in an accident
  • Don’t accept the insurance company’s first offer
  • Bicycle accident FAQs
  • What happens at an arraignment?
  • 5 Things to do if you’ve been arrested
  • Have you been summoned by a grand jury?
  • Never trust the insurance companies
  • How will a DUI affect your military career?
  • Who’s liable for your injuries in a boat accident?
  • Do grandparents have visitation rights in Massachusetts?

Getting New Clients with SLS

Blogs can be a great resource for attracting new clients. At SLS Consulting, Inc., we offer a full array of marketing services that allow you to stand out from the competition.

Call SLS Consulting, Inc., at (323) 745-1806 for a FREE consultation today. We’re always finding new ways to help your business grow.

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