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Recently, Gilbert Galindo, Chief Technical Advisor at SLS Consulting, attended Lawyernomics 2015 in Las Vegas, a premier legal marketing and business conference hosted by Avvo. There, he gave a presentation on how businesses can use effective content marketing to boost their success.SLS Consulting, IncWe’re happy to say that the presentation was well-received. Afterwards, many attendees approached Gilbert to pay compliments and exchange business cards. Some even came with questions. One of the most common questions people asked – and one we at SLS Consulting get asked frequently by prospective clients – was this: why is good content marketing important to my business?

Or to put the question another way – just what do all the web pages, blog posts, articles, infographics, videos, press releases, and so on contribute to your business? Why spend so much resources producing and publishing quality content? Good content marketing can give you:

Visibility – High quality content with well-incorporated search engine optimization (SEO) improves your site’s search ranking. When it comes to advertising your business online, Google is king. Achieve better rankings on Google and you achieve higher visibility. Higher visibility equals more potential customers.

Authority – Getting page views is only the first step to successful content marketing. The next step is to convince the browser that you, not your competitors, are what s/he is looking for. You can do this by implementing an accessible user interface, eye catching design, and, last but not least, well-researched and well-written content that puts your knowledge and confidence on display.

Conversions – Once you have achieved the above, customer phone calls and emails are bound to come pouring in. Then it’s up to you to seal the deal. Don’t ignore phone calls or delay on responding to emails unless you want your hard work to go to waste.

Would you like to learn more about content marketing and how to take your business to the next level? Feel free to give SLS Consulting a call at (323) 254-1510. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to provide you with the personalized services you need to find success.

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