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Pasadena SEO FirmObviously, we could make this blog very abbreviated and tell you that when looking for a great search engine optimization (SEO) provider you need look no further than SLS Consulting. We can provide for all of your SEO needs. We provide services that will get your company noticed and we have the track record to prove it.

The End. Okay, not really.

Since content is still king in the SEO world, we will practice what we preach and give you some tips for finding the right SEO provider for your company.

To keep this objective, we will include some of the SEO provider guidelines provided by the American Bar Association:

    1. Ask Around

Word of mouth works. Ask a friend or colleague if he or she is happy with the company they are using. Chances are if they are satisfied, you will be satisfied, too.

    1. Does the Company Even Do SEO?

It may sound like a ridiculous question, but some companies do website design, but not SEO — and visa versa. SEO requires a long-term commitment and is not necessarily the focus of some companies. You shouldn’t shy away from a company that does both web design and SEO (like SLS Consulting). Combining the two disciplines can yield amazing results if done correctly.

    1. Seek Out References

A reputable SEO vendor is proud of its work and will have a list of clients it represents on its website. You can search online for a client’s name to see if they are well represented in the search results. Have they moved up in the rankings? You can also call the listed clients directly and ask them about their experiences with their SEO provider.

    1. Do Your Homework

SEO tools and techniques are constantly evolving and frankly can be mystifying for those who don’t do it for a living. Nevertheless, you can still do some preparation homework so that you can ask relevant questions to potential SEO vendors. If you have at least some grasp of the concept, you will be more readily able to tell if the company actually knows what it is talking about.

    1. What are the Terms?

As stated earlier, SEO usually requires a long-term commitment in order for it to work. What are the provider’s contract terms? Do you still own the site if you terminate their services or does your site go away once you have walked away? Of course, price matters. The object is to find an SEO company that provides fantastic services within your budget.

  1. Talk to Several Vendors

While we suggest that you stop right here, call SLS Consulting and let us start helping you today, it’s not a bad idea to talk to several SEO companies before making your decision. Check them out. Get a feel for whether they are a good fit or not. See what kind of reviews they have gotten.

And once you have done that, call SLS back because you will then appreciate our professionalism and the tools and knowledge we can bring to the table to improve your company’s web presence and business.

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