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In a recent study conducted by Lawyer Marketing Score and discussed at length on The National Trial Lawyers blog, the search engine rankings of personal injury firms across the country were examined to determine which firms rank best in the top five major metropolitan areas.  The cities considered in the study were Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, Houston, and Dallas Ft. Worth.  SLS Consulting, Inc. is proud to have one of its client sites recognized for its #2 ranking in the New York City area.

The study examined the top keywords used in each respective city as a gauge to determine which law firms ranked in the top five.  In major metropolitan areas, ranking at all for the most competitive keywords is no easy task.  Ranking in the top five for those competitive keywords is even more challenging!

The study broke the process down into four steps:

  1. Determine the major keywords in each respective market
  2. Determine each website’s visibility in relation to those keywords
  3. Determine traffic for those keywords as it pertained to each individual site
  4. Determine who ranks best based on the obtained data

At SLS Consulting, we realize that no two client websites are alike.  If we had the exact same strategy in place for each one of our clients across the country, some would rank well while others simply wouldn’t.  Understanding the individual markets that our clients are competing in is the key to our success, and we put a tremendous amount of time into learning the individual markets and building our strategies accordingly.

Ranking within the top five for heavily searched keywords and phrases is absolutely critical for law firms.  According to the study, “a very small percentage of personal injury law firms are getting the vast majority of traffic volume.”  So what does this mean for YOUR law firm?  Simply, it means that you and your marketing company need to be on the same page.  Everyone involved in your marketing process needs to be aware of the target audience you have in mind, and make the conversion process a major focus throughout.  Rankings come via A LOT of hard work, and our marketing team can certainly attest to that!

Interestingly enough, the study concluded that many of the marketing firms earning these top keywords on behalf of their clients aren’t huge companies.  A lot of them are smaller marketing firms like SLS that give their clients personalized attention in order to learn more about the firm and build the best marketing strategy possible.  In regard to whom you should hire to oversee your online marketing presence, “bigger isn’t always better” according to the study.

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