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Web Design FirmMore people than ever own multiple devices with online capability and are using them every day. Laptops, smartphones, and tablets all give consumers the ability to check out a company online and learn more about their services anywhere and at any time. In fact, studies have shown that an increasing amount of consumers are checking out a company’s products and services via multiple devices before they decide to make a purchase.

As such, it is important that your company has a strong presence on every type of device. If you do not take into account both desktop and mobile website design, you could easily lose a potential customer in mere moments.


Saying that your website’s appearance on laptops and desktops is important is obvious. However, many companies have neglected these devices in favor of focusing on smartphones and tablets. While these devices are more important than ever, laptops and desktops are still a major source of online traffic.

Make sure that your site looks great in a large layout and is designed to look identical across all web browsers.


Every company should realize that smartphones are not a fad and these devices are far more than a plaything. More people than ever are using them for transactions and researching companies, products, and services that apply to everyday life. However, smartphone users have no patience for websites and apps that do not function properly. Frustrated smartphone users will often not return to the sites and apps that give them trouble. As such, design your apps with easy usability and immediate customer satisfaction in mind.

Additionally, implementing responsive design into your website is more important than ever. Responsive design will cause your site to change its size and layout to fit whatever size screen it is currently being viewed on, including smartphones.


Among all devices, tablets are the youngest and still undergoing the most changes. However, they have quickly gained a strong foothold in the market and countless consumers use their tablet every day for everything from social media to online purchases. Like smartphones, responsive website design can help adapt your site to a tablet. Tablets come in more sizes and shapes than ever, so responsive design will help cover the maximum amount of devices possible and keep your sites looking great.

A Dedication to All Aspects of Your Company’s Online Presence

If you are looking to strengthen your company’s online presence, get in touch with SLS Consulting. We are dedicated to providing our clients with high quality service that takes into account all aspects of online marketing. Through our assistance, your business can have a website that is ready for all devices, is maintained through careful search engine optimization, contains strong and persuasive written content, and keeps up a healthy social media presence. For more information, call us at (323) 254-1510.

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