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The recent Peloton+ recall has motivated many attorneys to expand their product liability practice to include injury claims against the manufacturer, Peloton Interactive. By citing the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s warning to consumers as a basis for potential lawsuits, attorneys across the country have argued that the manufacturer is liable for injuries to children due to the exercise equipment’s faulty design. Whether Peloton Interactive will face legal action is unclear yet, but what should interest lawyers is the value of adding on new practice areas.

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There are many major practice areas that personal injury attorneys market themselves for, including car accidents, wrongful deaths, and dog bites, but product liability is probably the most complicated. It requires extensive research, can be very competitive, and may land bad leads if expectations are not managed properly. Following the Peloton+ recall, it was easy to find dozens (if not hundreds) of new webpages for Peloton or treadmill injury attorneys. With so much sudden competition, is it worth it for lawyers to expand their practice areas following a major news story?

Can You Get an SEO Head Start With New Practice Areas?

From an SEO perspective, it is easy to see why attorneys go after new practice areas right after the hot-topic headlines. There may be a lot of media attention on big manufacturers caught up in recalls, which can up new keywords and search results as online users research the recalls for themselves. At the start, there might be a handful of attorneys marketing themselves for Peloton+ injury claims, and being the first attorney to appear in these search results can get you a lot of attention early on.

However, as these keywords become more and more competitive, attorneys may be hard-pressed to stand out among the crowded SERPs. Most attorneys may end up reciting content from the same CPSP page or drawing research from similar news sources, leading to a lot of overlapping content on multiple sites. In these instances, being informative, unique, and creative may go a long way in standing out to Google.

For example, having an original engineering breakdown of a Peloton+ and the types of injuries it can cause could garner new attention and improve your rankings. You may also consider consulting with product manufacturers, reviewing similar case law, and keeping an eye on your competitors’ content to find new ways to talk about these cases. By establishing your authority on these keywords and search results, you may be able to break ground in a competitive market.

Managing Expectations

Expanding into a new practice area, whether it is the latest product liability case or an older, but competitive field, requires patience, hard work, and research. SEO is a slow-moving beast, and you are not going to start landing new cases immediately after creating content. Even you do get a head start, there are a number of factors that could influence how well your landing pages do as more and more competitors jump on the trend. In some cases, these product liability lawsuits may be short-lived as case law sets a precedent for how these claims are handled.

But if you are willing to put in the time and effort to build content around these cases, then you may have a shot at setting case law yourself and solidifying your firm’s success.

Work With SLS Consulting, Inc., to Grow Your Firm

At SLS Consulting, Inc., we keep a close eye on the latest trends in the legal industry and frequently collaborate with our clients on practice area expansions. Many of our clients have reached out to us to evaluate whether a new practice area is viable and what it takes to rank well in search results for the latest keywords. We always keep expectations in check, but we also believe in diligently researching new case law and finding creative ways to market our clients who want to expand into new areas.

If you are looking to grow your law firm’s practice areas and market to new clientele, SLS Consulting’s in-house legal marketing team can work with you to develop a robust SEO strategy. To discuss your firm’s goals today, call us at (323) 254-1510 or toll-free at (877) 248-3529 for a free case evaluation.

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