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google analytics course certificationSLS Consulting is proud to announce that Lynna Pham, an SEO specialist with our company, has recently received a certification for completion of the Google Analytics Platform Principles course.

The course is part of Google’s Analytics Academy, an online digital marketing education program launched by the prominent internet company back in October 2013. It seeks to teach users how Google Analytics collects, processes, configures, and reports data. The course material also covers the various ways in which analytics transforms data across multiple platforms and how users can customize data according to their needs and goals. Those who complete the course gain a foundational understanding of the processes that underlie Google’s page rank system and other important web mechanics, allowing them to provide clients with more effective and focused digital marketing strategies.

Any serious marketing analyst and SEO specialist should be well-informed on Google Analytics if he or she wants to be able to compete in today’s net-driven world. This essential service provides users with the ability and tools to identify poorly performing webpages, track conversions and referrals, and perform other tasks that help them identify and address any flaws in their marketing campaigns. As society gets more and more data-oriented, marketing companies that do not effectively utilize analytics will most certainly get left behind.

Even with degrees in marketing and economics, along with years of experience in the internet marketing industry already under her belt, Lynna puts in a continued effort at expanding her skills and knowledge base. This quality makes her an invaluable employee for any online marketing firm, and SLS Consulting is fortunate to have her. She plans to further her analytics education and eventually attain the industry-recognized Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ).

Here at SLS Consulting, we highly value innovation, improvement, and active engagement. Our employees, like Lynna, keep up with the latest developments in online marketing and constantly seek better ways to get our clients out there. We understand that passivity leads to stagnation and that is why we use every work day to better our business, and in turn, our clients’ businesses. To learn more about the services we provide, please call our office at (323) 254-1510.

UPDATE: Lynna is a Google Analytics Qualified Individual.

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