Putting Legal Jargon in Layman’s Terms

By SLS Consulting on April 28, 2022

Jargon means words and expressions used to describe topics and ideas that are unique to a specific business or an area of interest. Although jargon is often derided, it can be very useful for specialists. When speaking to someone in your particular field, having a shared language helps streamline conversation, saving people a lot of time.

But using jargon with laymen isn’t a good idea. Jargon annoys people. It gives them the impression you’re an obnoxious jerk who’s talking down to them. Using jargon can also make your reader think you have something to hide, or you’re just not smart enough to explain things plain English.

Of course, there are many times in legal marketing when you have to use precise technical language. In these cases, you should always define your terms the first time you use them.

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5 Ways TikTok Can Help Your Law Firm

By SLS Consulting on April 20, 2022

Social media is a powerful force in our lives. Many law firms and other small businesses have incorporated social media channels into their marketing strategy. It’s now standard for small businesses to have a Facebook page, and many small businesses have found further success using other social media channels such as LinkedIn and Instagram.

In the past few years, TikTok has enjoyed astounding success. In the first quarter of 2020, they set a record with 315 million installs. It only took three years for TikTok to attract one billion active users. Instagram took twice as long to reach the billion-user milestone. Read the rest »

Building an SEO Foundation for the Next 5 Years

By SLS Consulting on April 10, 2022

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an extremely competitive field. The rules are constantly changing, and marketers who don’t stay on top of the latest trends are going to be left in the weeds by the competition.

Thanks to constant Google updates, strategies that worked even a few months ago like keyword stuffing are fast becoming obsolete. Building and maintaining a website that will consistently rank at the top of the SERPs in Google searches requires constant vigilance. Read the rest »

The Google Vicinity Update – What you Need to Know!

By SLS Consulting on March 28, 2022

If you’ve noticed significant changes in Google’s rankings for your local business, you’re not alone. Google recently confirmed they have completed Vicinity, the biggest local listings update in over five years. According to their official announcement, Vicinity includes a “rebalancing of various factors we consider in generating local search results.”

Unlike updates such as Panda, Penguin, Hawk, and Mum, Vicinity has a name that actually tells you what is does. With Vicinity, user proximity is now weighted much higher, making it harder to rank for local searches when you aren’t nearby – giving valid local businesses a better chance of coming up in SERPs.

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Outdated and Shady SEO Marketing Strategies to Avoid

By SLS Consulting on March 22, 2022

Be very careful when choosing your marketing firm. The SEO world has always been a place for snake oil salesmen. A lot of marketing companies will promise you the moon when they don’t plan to follow through. There are two types of marketers to watch out for: The scammers who use illegitimate “get rich quick” tactics that can get you penalized and the incompetent marketers who are still using outdated practices that just don’t work in today’s digital world. This is especially true of the legal SEO industry, which is cutthroat and probably one of the most competitive spaces.

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Blogging: A Crucial Part of Your Internet Marketing Strategy

By SLS Consulting on March 14, 2022

What good are blogs? Why do I need them? I am asked this time and time again by lawyers I talk to. An effective blogging strategy will help drive traffic to your site, can increase conversions, and help you land more clients. Unlike PPC and other forms of paid advertising, it doesn’t cost you anything to post a blog, so why wouldn’t you? The benefits of blog posts will accrue over time, as they continue to attract potential clients to your website and improve SEO.



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SLS Consulting Wins Award for Top 10 Legal Website Design

By SLS Consulting on March 11, 2022

DesignRush, known for its web design awards, has chosen our design to be featured among the Best Legal Website Designs That Enforce Visual Law and Order. WRSMH - Best Legal Website Design
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More Than 47,000 Calls Generated for SLS Clients in 2021!

By SLS Consulting on February 10, 2022

We all know that 2020 was the craziest year so far – not just for marketing but for every human on the planet.  2021 didn’t start off much better with the news of Google’s newest Core Web Vitals update and major updates to Google My Business. Through it all, SLS clients remained steady.  Our clients not only fared well during the Pandemic but continue to gain momentum as the world returns to some semblance of normal.

SLS is a small, exclusive, lawyer marketing company with less than 40 clients. In 2021 we generated over 47,000 first time calls for our clients. A true testament to the fact that solid, white-hat, SEO is still the most powerful tool for marketing your legal website.

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Google My Business – The New Yellow Pages?

By SLS Consulting on November 12, 2021

Some of us remember when the Yellow Pages were the place to go to find information like a phone number or the address of a company. Law firms spent a fortune to be on the front, back, or side cover. Today, most people turn to the Internet to find that information. In many search results, Google My Business (GMB) shows up at the top of the page with a small map, especially in local mobile searches. If you aren’t listed on GMB in the top 3, you are missing out on a huge population of potential clients. Also, with fewer consumers relying on Yelp and other review websites, GMB has gained even more popularity. Read the rest »

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Congratulations to the 2021 Emerging Influencers Winners

By SLS Consulting on August 4, 2021

Since May, SLS Consulting, Inc. has been flooded with essays from ambitious individuals looking to return to school and pursue their truly passions. We are grateful for the chance to hear all of your stories and had the tough task of selecting our finalists back in July. Now, after much debate, we are ready to announce the two winners of the Emerging Influencers Scholarship who will each win a $500 award.

Brown-haired graduate in cap and gown standing before audience

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