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We all know about the dreadful writer’s block, but businesses often deal with the same type of issue when it comes to social media. These “social blocks” are the biggest reasons why most lawyers give up on their social media campaigns: they simply run out of ideas. We at SLS Consulting, Inc., understand this issue, which is why we have put together nine ways to break through your social media block and pull in new clients.

1. Keep a Posting Calendar

Coming up with good posts consistently is draining, which is why you should plan ahead. A posting calendar is one way to map out your social media posts and get ahead of the “posting block.” You can plan out popular trends like “Throwback Thursday,” holiday posts, case results, or speaking engagements. Down the line, you might notice certain trends as far as engagement or traffic, which can help further improve your posting calendar.

2. Create and Share Infographics

No one knows how complicated the legal system is more than you, which is why infographics can be a huge help to your current and potential clients. With a little time and the help of an experienced graphic designer, you can distill complex legal concepts into easy-to-digest images. Infographics are easy to share on Instagram stories, Twitter feeds, or Facebook timelines and can be a reliable resource down the line.

3. Schedule a Q&A

Q&A’s are a great way to get an in-depth look at what everyday people are dealing with in the legal system, as well as to engage more directly with clients. You can either do a scheduled Q&A through Instagram or Facebook live or solicit questions beforehand and make a dedicated video. Live videos can also be chopped up and edited into smaller videos for your site.

4. Highlight Your Staff

Lawyers are often the face of a firm, but you know your practice wouldn’t be complete without your assistants, office managers, paralegals, and interns. Every so often, make sure to highlight what they do for clients and how they keep your office running on a daily basis. Potential clients like to know that they are not just getting one or two attorneys on their case, but a whole team. It is also a nice way to boost your employees’ profiles on LinkedIn.

5. Show Behind the Scenes

Whether it is “A Day in the Life of a Paralegal” or a tour of your office, new clients like to see behind the scenes, so do not be afraid to pull the curtain back every now and again. It can help humanize your office and show clients what to expect from the legal process.

6. Post a Poll

Both Facebook and Twitter allow companies to post polls and surveys, and even Instagram stories have added this feature. A poll can be a good way to learn more about how clients deal with cases, what types of cases your firm attracts, and how you can help future clients. Sometimes a poll can be as simple as “What type of claim did you have after your crash? 1. Property Damage 2. Personal Injury 3. Both.” Or you can keep it light and relaxing like, “Regular or Decaf?”

7. “What Should X Know About X”

Old clients are some of the best resources when it comes to the legal industry, and they may have learned some important lessons to share with your future clients. Asking questions like, “What do you wish you had known before you filed for divorce?” or “What surprised you about the court system?” and sharing their answers through social could prepare future clients for their cases and can give you some idea of what clients worry about. It doesn’t have to be serious, though, and you can also ask for the positive experiences they had during their cases, such as “What movie did you grow to love during your case?” or “What car accessory did you just have to add to your new car?”

8. Post Snippets From Your Blogs

Blogs and articles are excellent resources for your firm. You can also go back to your writing to reshare important information and pull out quotes you think could benefit your followers. Sometimes you may stumble upon a spot of genius that you just have to share, and you may even find new topics to write about.

9. Comb Through Your Hashtags

Hashtags are important to boost your firm’s posts and reach new audiences, but you can also track hashtags on Twitter and Instagram. Tracking hashtags is a great way to see what other attorneys are posting about or what the everyday person thinks of certain laws. You can even start using a dedicated hashtag for your firm and track it to see what other users are saying about you. Hashtags are a good resource for inspiration if you ever reach a posting block.

Tackle Your Social Channels With the Best

Here at SLS Consulting, we are no strangers to posting block. Every day, we work with clients from across the country to build their caseloads through refined social media campaigns. Since we started marketing law firms over 20 years ago, we witnessed the birth of social media and picked up a few tricks along the way. If you need help growing your practice, do not hesitate to reach out to our social media experts at (323) 254-1510 or toll-free at (877) 248-3529.

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