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linkedin logo Social media is an essential piece of an effective Internet marketing campaign, but it can be overwhelming. Which social networking sites do you sign up for? How long do you have to spend updating each? Are some better than others? Does social media even make that much of a difference?

At SLS Consulting, Inc., we answer these questions for you and implement an attorney social media marketing strategy suited to your law firm’s particular goals and overall effectiveness; and to be effective, there are certain social media platforms that any law firm cannot afford to ignore, one being: LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is Unique

LinkedIn, unlike social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, is strictly a "professional" social network. In fact, it is the largest online professional network in the world, boasting more than 600 million members. While other social networking sites provide your law firm the opportunity to interact with your target audience on a personal level, LinkedIn offers a platform where your firm can connect with other attorneys, other law firms, notable organizations, and other professional groups that can help build your professional authority.

Professional Connections Matter

Both as an attorney and as a law firm, professional connections matter. The more you can do to build your reputation and authority online, the more solid your online presence will be and the more trust you command. What potential clients find on the Internet when looking for legal information or representation makes a big difference in what they decide to do. If they find a legal website with a few pages containing only sparse information and nothing else, it wouldn’t instill much confidence. If a potential client found, on the other hand, your LinkedIn attorney profile and/or company page with its various professional connections, your website with pages of relevant content, and a highly-rated Avvo profile, it would promote you as an authority in your field and instill trust.

There are a lot of factors that contribute to a law firm’s conversion rate and overall return on investment (ROI), but it is the combination of these factors that actually achieves results. If your law firm has a Facebook business page, that’s fantastic, but doesn’t mean that you don’t also need one on LinkedIn.

A Well-Rounded Approach

LinkedIn is a vital part of any social media marketing plan but it is how all aspects of a legal Internet marking campaign come together as a whole that determines overall success. The Internet marketing team at SLS Consulting, Inc. provides comprehensive marketing and consulting services for law firms that wish to grow their exposure online. For a free growth assessment, call us at (323) 254-1510.

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