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Most law firms see pay-per-click marketing (PPC) as the pay-to-win method of pulling in leads, and they go all-in with a big budget. PPC can be an excellent addition to your marketing campaign, but starting too early or jumping into the deep end can be a huge mistake. PPC requires time, patience, precision, and optimization, not unlike SEO, and going in without doing some prep work can hurt your long-term goals.

Where PPC Fits Into Your Marketing Campaign

The pay-to-win description of PPC is a common misnomer. While PPC is one of the fastest ways to see results on a marketing campaign, it can easily eat at your budget if you are not efficient about it. Instead of viewing it as a get-rich-quick scheme, it should be treated as an extension of your other channels.

Like a good stew, the best marketing plans include a little of everything. You want a sprinkling of social media, a touch of SEO, a smidge of local optimization, and just the right amount of PPC. All of these channels should work together to boost your site’s traffic, and relying just on PPC could drag down your other campaigns.

You also need to determine which paid ads you want to pursue. Most people just think of Google Ads when they talk about PPC, but PPC can also include Bing, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and plenty of other platforms that allow attorney ads. While Google will definitely be a big part of your marketing strategy, you should never forget to diversify your PPC campaign.

Laying the Groundwork for Paid Ads

Behind all of this is a well-designed website that attracts new clients. Before starting a PPC campaign, you will want to create responsive landing pages that can handle traffic from both desktop and mobile. This can also include optimizing your page speeds, creating unique content that fits your target audience, and ensuring you have a way to process new client information, such as through dedicated phone lines, contact forms, and chat boxes.

Another key part of your prep work is research. You will need to identify the most lucrative keywords, analyze how your competitors are approaching PPC, create attractive call-to-actions (CTAs), plan your budget to get the best return on investment (ROI), and develop a bidding schedule. High-traffic parts of the day may be extremely competitive, but shifting your bidding hours around can help you outmaneuver other firms.

Location may also play a factor in your success. Rural markets may see low competition on local terms but also less traffic, whereas going too broad may bring in bad leads. Paying attention to your competitors’ ads and planning out the markets you want to target is key to succeeding at PPC.

Speak to an Expert Team of Marketers

Whether you are all ready to start a PPC campaign or need help with the prep work, you should not hesitate to talk to the legal marketing team at SLS Consulting, Inc. We work with a dedicated team of SEOs, designers, programmers, social media experts, and writers to create a one-stop-shop for all of your marketing needs. We have worked with lawyers from across the country to develop efficient PPC campaigns and boost their caseloads. If you are looking to start a PPC campaign for your law firm, call us at (323) 254-1510 or toll-free at (877) 248-3529.

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