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Company Jumps to the Top 200 from Top 500 on Lead411 Technology's 2010 List

Lead411 Technology 2010 Top 500 List logoStaying ahead in the race: Competition for inclusion in the Lead411 Technology Top 200 List for 2011 was significant, as finalists were ranked highest for revenue and growth among all those who applied. The Lead411 list recognizes final rankings of the fastest growing tech companies in the United States who stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the technology industry.

In order to be honored with a Lead411 ranking, a company must be a privately-held business in the U.S. and have earned more than $1 million in the past year. SLS Consulting, Inc.'s ranking was calculated by its two-year percentage of revenue growth from 2008 to 2010. Companies included in the Lead411 list thrive in a wide range of industries, including Software, Media, Internet, Telecom, Wireless, IT Services, Hardware, eCommerce, and Consulting.

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The Lead411 Technology List is developed to provide other businesses and employees with an understanding of what it takes to make a company profitable, especially during fluctuating economic times. In offering corporate information, company news, and awards for up-and-coming businesses, Lead411 also provides alerts and people data with regard to companies throughout the U.S. Technology 200 companies included on the 2011 list, including SLS Consulting, Inc., replied to a survey regarding marketing, return on investment (ROI), funding, and the economy in general. SLS Consulting, Inc. has been selected as a top 200 tech business for its successful undertakings as a Legal Internet Marketing consulting group.

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For more than eleven years, Susan L. Ziegler and the SLS Consulting, Inc. Team have been assisting attorneys and law firms establish a strong, long-lasting online presence through effective and creative Legal Internet Marketing plans and strategies. On top of creating and running legal social media profiles, blogs, and other online platforms, SLS Consulting, Inc. integrates search engine optimization (SEO) and other Internet marketing techniques when developing and managing custom websites with unique content and firm-specific design.