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avvo logo The Internet offers users a multitude of ways to search for legal services and law firms, and those in need of legal assistance have different ways to decide which firm may be the best for them. Online reviews and lawyer ratings services are often used to help consumers decide who may best represent them or provide the legal counsel they seek. These platforms aim to give users an idea of how former clients have felt about an attorney's services and rate an attorney based on such reviews and peer evaluations.

Avvo.com is a no-cost, expert only Q&A forum backed by an online directory of doctors and lawyers licensed in the U.S., which also provides listings to which doctors and attorneys can submit their own histories and profiles. The listings are comprehensive and may also include patient and client reviews and peer endorsements. This website is a well-reputed site amongst the legal community and can be an invaluable tool for an attorney or law firm to strengthen their online reputation and presence, as well as attract new clients with a positive rating.

The Avvo Rating System

As one of the leading websites for consumers to find information about attorneys, Avvo developed a ratings system for lawyers, which has undeniably distinguished it from other lawyer marketing websites. According to Avvo.com, the directory includes more than 90 percent of licensed attorneys in the U.S., and the website's lawyer profiles are aggregated from public records provided by state bars and attorney licensing entities. The site also allows attorneys to post what is essentially an online resume, and a legal professional can note their awards and significant cases, in addition to basic information as their name, address, and phone number.

A distinctive characteristic of the Avvo rating system is that it considers not only the opinions of other lawyers when evaluating an attorney, but all other components of the attorney's profile. This means that a complete, comprehensive attorney profile on Avvo will likely lead to a higher score, as each attorney is given a numerical score from 1 to 10. As an Avvo rating considers a number of factors when evaluating an attorney's background and assessing their qualifications, Avvo prides the score as being unbiased and easy to understand.

Benefits of an Avvo Profile and Positive Avvo Rating

With an extensive directory of licensed attorneys, one of the most significant benefits of using Avvo is the increased visibility online. There are a number of places on the World Wide Web for users to search for attorneys and legal services; as such, considering Avvo is one of the leading websites for consumers for this purpose, developing a comprehensive profile on Avvo.com is an excellent way for those in need of legal aid to not only find you, but also access more information on you, your business, and your exceptional accomplishments. Essentially, Avvo can be one of the best ways to attract new clients and generate new business for your law firm, and because of the extensive information a profile can provide, it can be an excellent tool for consumers as well.

In addition, utilizing Avvo can help improve a law firm's or attorney's online reputation. With countless consumers taking into consideration online reviews and client testimonials as part of their important decision to choose a lawyer, positive reviews by clients will give you an outstanding "online reputation" and ultimately help consumers know more about the superb service you have provided to others. Avvo overall is a well-respected website, and those in the legal community know that a positive Avvo rating shows that you are a distinguished legal professional and will show the same to potential clients.

Showing Your Legal Triumphs to the Avvo Community

An effective attorney marketing plan will employ different tools and strategies in order to successfully advertise for your law firm, and Avvo is one such excellent tool to highlight your legal accomplishments and achievements for clients to see as well as your colleagues in the legal community. The Internet marketing professionals of SLS Consulting, Inc. know that strengthening your online presence and establishing a positive online reputation are key in developing your law firm and brand, and can assist you in building a strong Avvo profile in order to accomplish this. For assistance with your law firm Internet marketing strategy, please contact us at (323) 254-1510 to see how we can help you get extraordinary results.

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