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online form to be filled out For any business to flourish online, it's immensely important to maintain consistent NAPs across the web. NAP might not stand for what you think it does though. In the world of local search and optimization, NAP stands for Name, Address, and Phone Number. In order to maintain a strong brand presence throughout search results, particularly local listing sites, it is essential that your brand's NAP is consistent, error free, and never violates terms of use.

The first place that you need to make sure your NAP is correct is your website. Your website is the most authoritative spot on the web that search engines turn to in order to verify the information they have regarding your company. If your NAP is inconsistently listed throughout your website, there is little hope that it will be properly displayed elsewhere on the internet.

NAP consistency is also important when it comes to consumer confidence. For example, let's examine how NAP consistency can play a factor in choosing an attorney. Attorney One has a solid digital footprint throughout the web, with NAP consistently displayed the same way throughout local search sites as it is on his website. Attorney Two does not have a very consistent throughout the internet. While his website is for the most part accurate, there are a couple of inconsistencies that may be having a negative impact on his overall web presence. These inconsistencies lead to some incorrect local listings popping up on the web, which in turn influence other local listing sites. Even though Attorney One and Two are both personal injury attorneys with similar results, Attorney One has a much better chance of being given a chance by potential clients because his NAP is consistent throughout the web. For potential clients, a consistent NAP may indicate that a lawyer such as Attorney One is more diligent about his web presence, and that diligence will undoubtedly spill over into his practice. Attorney Two may be viewed more harshly. That is, potential clients may view the discrepancies in his NAP as warning signs that he is inattentive to detail, and may be that way in the court room. While an inconsistent NAP is certainly not a total deal breaker for an attorney soliciting his services, it definitely does not help. A consistent NAP is like keeping a tidy office space. Even though it does not speak directly to the lawyer's ability in the court room, it may be viewed as a precursor to the type of lawyer one is.

Discrepancies in NAP may not necessarily deter customers from choosing one business over another, but they can mean the difference between being easily found and losing out on potential business. The easier it is for your company to be found online, the easier it is going to be for potential clients to examine your web presence prior to hiring you. Whether a potential client is looking for your brand on a social media site, local search, or review site, a consistent NAP is always more appreciated than a listing and/or profile that incorrectly displays your name or phone number. An incorrect address can disable potential clients from even being able to find you in the first place.

A consistent NAP gives your brand visibility, credibility, and peace of mind to your potential clients. For attorneys, a consistent NAP is one of the most vital pieces of an effective internet marketing campaign, particularly when it comes to local optimization. For more information about NAP consistency and what you can do to help your brand's online presence, don't hesitate to contact the internet marketing team at SLS Consulting, Inc. Call us today at (323) 254-1510.

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