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leaf with water dropFear of missing out (#FOMO) is a real thing and not just social media slang. Everyone loves new stuff. The latest news, music, trends, memes--the internet is built on people sharing what's new and exciting. But, how does a company keep content on their websites interesting? The answer is by providing content on your website that's always fresh, relevant, and useful. What your website needs is evergreen content.

What Exactly Is Evergreen Content?

Evergreen content is content on your website that doesn't go stale and is still relevant weeks, months, or possibly even years after it was put on your site. This type of content doesn't immediately date itself like the news. Why is this important? Evergreen content can bring traffic to your site, increase social media shares, and move you up searches for a long period of time. The long-term relevancy of evergreen content makes it able to continuously bring in visitors.

What Makes Content Evergreen?

Evergreen content stays useful for longer times with little need for upkeep on your site. This content can be referenced long after it went online. Here's what makes content evergreen:

  • Quality: your content should be well-presented, interesting, and useful to readers.
  • A need is addressed: your content answers a question or provides answers to a topic your audience is interested in.
  • A good headline: you might think this means click-bait, but a strong, catchy, or even clever title for your content can drive people to your site. A clickable headline should sell the content, but also describe what it is.
  • It's presentable: this is very important in evergreen content. How you present information will drive shares. If someone goes to your site and sees a wall of text without images, headings, or bullet point information, it might not connect with wider audiences.
  • It has SEO in mind: evergreen content has keywords, links, and should be supported by other pages on your site.
  • It doesn't get dated quickly: provide content that avoids topical information. Give your readers and web site visitors information that can stand the test of time.

Evergreen Content Examples

Here are a few examples of evergreen content:

  • FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions): pick a topic and give answers to several questions about it.
  • "How to" guides: pick an activity that people commonly do and describe how to do it.
  • Lists: we've all wasted time on Buzzfeed. Lists can be written about anything; there's someone somewhere that's doing an internet search about it.

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Why Is Evergreen Content Important?

So, why is evergreen content important for your businesses' website? The reason is these main benefits evergreen content provides:

Evergreen content is valuable because it keeps working for you long after it goes on your site or shared on social media. Evergreen content keeps your content from being quickly outdated or irrelevant.

Tips for Producing Successful Evergreen Content

  • Keep it simple: You may be tempted to show off your expertise on a topic by presenting the content in an exceedingly technical style. Remember, you're not writing something that will be read by experts. In short, keep your content widely accessible.
  • Be more specific: If you write about too broad a topic, not only will your content be too lengthy, but it will also have a lot of competition. Narrow your topic and you're bound to capture more attention.
  • Link relevant content together: Not only is this great for SEO, but it also pushes readers to explore more content on your website.

That being said, all your website content shouldn't be exclusively evergreen content. Timely, topical pieces have their value as well. When they're used in conjunction with evergreen content, topical pieces can contribute towards a successful online marketing campaign.

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