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Lawyer blogs play an active role in search engine optimization (SEO), law firm branding, and lead generation. Blogging isn't the be-all, end -all of SEO, but it's still an important aspect of attorney marketing. However, before you even publish your first post, the design of your blog must be given the proper attention.

Effective and appealing attorney blog design demands a significant amount of planning, organization, and time. In some instances, a law blog is the first thing a potential client, existing client, or colleague sees; therefore, it must be customized, professional, engaging, and easy to navigate.

Lawyer Blog Navigation

One of the main aspects of a blog that a legal web designer focuses on is easy navigation. A law firm blog must be designed with both visitors and search engines in mind. The design of a blog directly influences SEO, so it must be organized and structured for the right amount and type of links. The design of a blog also directly influences whether a person knows where to go on the blog or wants to stay.

The most important areas of blog design include the following:

  • Clean header
  • Easy to find and to fill out contact form
  • Option for visitors to comment
  • List of blog categories
  • List of recent posts
  • Access to the main website
  • Designing a blog to evolve

The last thing you want is for a visitor to get lost on your legal blog. Usability on your blog is huge considering that you want your visitors to engage through the blog by leaving comments and filling out contact forms for more information. You also need to think of your blog as a growing resource for legal news and public service announcements for your specific state and practice areas. Designing your blog as a relevant resource involves having blog posts archived properly so that they are easy to find for visitors.

Why Blogging for Lawyers Is Unique

Your attorney blog is a platform where your law firm's personality can shine through in a more conversational way that is unique from your website. It's important to note that blogs can be more casual, but should also still be informative and aimed at providing visitors with the answers to their questions. Blog design keeps in mind that a blog is an expansion of a lawyer website, so consistency in color schemes, images, font style, and branding is essential.

Customized Blog Design

When looking for the right SEO services for you, inquire about a company's design team and whether custom blogs and websites are created. This will make a big difference in the cohesiveness of your marketing plan and the growth of your law firm's authority and presence on the web.

The blog designers at SLS Consulting, Inc. create unique web properties for attorneys throughout the United States in a wide range of law practices. To learn more about how a custom legal blog can help grow your law firm, please contact us at (323) 254-1510 today.