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Connecting You with the People Who Need Your Criminal Defense Legal Services

There was a time when the only type of marketing most lawyers worried about was placing an ad in the Yellow Pages. But the world has changed a lot since then, and nobody uses the phone book anymore.

You may have been told that the best way to build your criminal defense legal practice is to focus on serving your clients. When you do a good job, word gets around. As your reputation grows, more and more people will seek out your services. This is still true, but it’s also important to pursue additional avenues to attract clients to your firm.

An effective internet marketing strategy is a great way to connect with potential new clients looking for a criminal defense lawyer. It’s a way to amplify your message and build on the good reputation you’ve already earned.

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Your Criminal Defense Website Tells People Who You Are

When someone is looking for a criminal defense attorney, they’re under a lot of stress. They may be facing serious legal consequences and possible jail time. Potential clients have a lot of questions and they don’t know where to turn for help.

Your website speaks for you. Whether they find your site through an organic Google search, paid advertising, or based on a recommendation from a friend, a potential client is going to form a fast opinion about your firm.

The components of an effective website work in unison to establish you as someone with the following qualities:

  • Authority. An easy-to-navigate website that provides clear information on the types of criminal law you practice. Extensive information about topics related to your practice will help convince visitors that they’re in good hands.
  • Trust. Case results, testimonials, positive client reviews, and strong ratings from review sites like Avvo and Super Lawyers tell visitors that you’ve gotten positive results for others.
  • Compassion. Your client is dealing with a major crisis in their life, and they need to be reassured that you’re going to take their case seriously and dedicate yourself to achieving the best possible outcome. A warm and neighborly tone and a friendly Meet the Team page tell people that you’re a real person who cares about your clients.
  • Availability. Clients are concerned that you’re going to take their money and forget about them. Providing a number where they can reach you in an emergency and assuring them that you’ll be there to answer their questions helps alleviate their fears.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is much more targeted than traditional strategies like billboards and radio ads. It uses the internet and other forms of electronic media to connect with people who are actively seeking a criminal defense attorney.

Your website is the centerpiece of your marketing campaign. By knowing the type of questions potential clients are likely to ask in a Google search, we can direct them to your website. And once we have their attention, we’ll turn them into leads.

A potential client becomes a lead when they leave their contact information in a submissions form or they pick up the phone and give you a call.

Your website must have these features to attract potential clients:

  • Fast loading speed
  • Optimized for organic searches
  • Strategic keyword placement
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Mobile optimized
  • Strong headlines and CTAs
  • The right title tags and meta descriptions
  • A pleasurable user experience (UX)
  • An inviting color scheme
  • Informative content
  • Internal linking
  • Social proof

How the Right Content Creates Leads

Your website should represent all your practice areas with concise and readable content. To attract traffic and demonstrate authority, your practice pages and blog posts must explore various topics related to the services you provide. This will improve your ranking in organic searches and help convert people who want to know more about the following types of topics:

  • Does my state have a washout period for DUIs?
  • How will a felony conviction affect my gun rights?
  • How will a conviction for domestic abuse impact my military career?
  • Can I be accused of violating a restraining order for reacting to a social media post?
  • Can toll bridge receipts and security camera footage strengthen my alibi?
  • Can my private social media posts and comments be used against me in court?

All the Elements of an Effective Internet Marketing Campaign

At SLS Consulting, Inc, we provide everything you need to connect you with people who are looking for your criminal defense or DUI legal services. Additional components of an effective digital marketing campaign may include:

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