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bundle of wires Attorney press releases provide distinctive search engine optimization (SEO) and lead generation opportunities in comparison to other types of content. Not to underestimate the value of blogs, articles, social media, and web pages, but press releases can give a law firm that extra punch. However, one thing to keep in mind is, like many other lawyer marketing strategies, not to overdo it. A press release a day would be overkill and could end up hurting, rather than helping, you. Similar to all areas of legal internet marketing, there has to be a balance and connection to the big picture.

What Is a Press Release?

A press release is content about news related to your law firm that is published on a platform for distribution. Some notable platforms are PRWeb, PRLog, and PR Newswire, but many others exist. When it comes to publishing a press release, you have to keep professionalism and your reader's interest in mind.

How Can a Press Release Help?

While it's a plus that a press release is a solid digital footprint and may enhance SEO and lead generation, the main goal is to "announce" your news to media personnel so that they spread the word and republish through their own news outlets. Press releases are the one exception to duplicate content issues in which you want people to, in a sense, copy you.

A press release is also definitive of your individual accomplishments and that of your law firm. If you are selected for inclusion in Super Lawyers®, receive an award, or speak at or attend a conference, a press release can serve as a major part of your career's timeline. Additionally, having those online footprints is valuable as a part of your search engine and web history.

Is It Worth the Price?

Typically, there is more search engine visibility from submitting a press release to a platform that offers more perks, but as I'm sure you've guessed, these may cost a few hundred dollars to publish. And in some instances, paying more won't take you far – it all depends on what's being offered and what your goals are.

Free submissions are also beneficial but you may be limited in terms of links, photos, videos, and distribution. Be prepared to pay a reasonable sum here and there to get the widest distribution and most effective SEO and media exposure, but keep in mind that free may also be a good option to diversify where you are publishing content.

Professional Doesn't Mean Boring

A press release is a reflection on you as a lawyer and your law practice as a whole. What goes on the internet has the potential to go many places in terms of people republishing your press release or sharing on social networking sites. With this in mind, it makes absolute sense to want your press release to be professional and free of spelling and grammar errors. However, you want people to actually want to read your press release. Don't be afraid to be creative, yet tasteful, and focus on what would interest and educate your target audience.

Now is Not the Time to Be Shy

Press releases are one of the few places where you, as a lawyer, can strut your stuff. Modesty is important, but don't let it downplay or overshadow what makes you unique as an attorney and what you've accomplished. At SLS Consulting, Inc., our legal internet marketing staff develops lawyer press releases with SEO, lead generation, target audience, and law firm branding in mind. To learn more about content development and press releases, please contact us at (323) 254-1510 today.