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It all began with Bisnar Chase. This personal injury law firm was our first client back when SLS first opened its doors in 1999. Side by side with founding attorney John Bisnar, Susan L. Ziegler and her team tackled the Wild West of SEO marketing in the early days of Google. Together, they built an empire. Bisnar Chase became wildly successful, dominating Orange County, ranking at the top for key terms everywhere in Southern California. As time passed, the firm hired a team of in-house “experts” to take over the site from SLS—who added spam, which immediately tanked the firm’s rankings. Bisnar came back to us, and we re-applied white-hat SEO to get them ranking again.


  • Bisnar Chase

Practice Area:

  • Personal Injury


  • Orange County, CA

more organic traffic
more car accident page visits
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The Challenge

For our first client, we had to figure out how to do online marketing for lawyers to begin with! We had to continually evolve to keep Bisnar Chase’s website strong through the growing pains caused by Google’s algorithmic updates, and tailor the site to the firm’s needs as it became wildly successful.

Our Execution

Back in 1999, Google ranked websites based on much simpler factors—having lots of pages, interlinking, and keyword repetition. Susan experimented and pushed the boundaries, and discovered how to get Bisnar Chase ranking at the top of Orange County. As a result, the firm grew exponentially. Her innovative approach was invaluable through the years—as Google changed, we adapted right along with it. We took Bisnar from multiple websites to one streamlined website, re-optimized all their out-of-date SEO, and added and trimmed content as needed to best serve site visitors. When they re-hired us, we cleaned up the mess the “experts” had left in the place of onsite SEO.

Local Organic Traffic

Website Design

Classy. Upscale. High-end. Bisnar Chase wanted their website to show, “We’re the best at what we do, so come to us for help.” We showcased their awards on the homepage. We gave examples about their experience and record-setting verdicts on slides at the top of the page, to impress viewers right away. Most importantly, we used candid photos of the firm to show that they were approachable, despite their credentials.

Mark Breyer

John Bisnar, ESQ.
Managing Partner

Hiring Susan Ziegler and SLS Consulting has been the best marketing money my firm has spent in 22 years. We are experiencing 100% growth per annum. She is talented, dedicated and resourceful. We consider her an integral part of our team and our marketing guru.

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