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An Estate Planning Law Firm Wanted to Break into the Personal Injury Market

Bottlinger Law L.L.C. founder Jason Bottlinger was interested in expanding the firm's practice to include more personal injury cases. When Bottlinger Law partnered with SLS, they agreed to a website redesign, content buildout and restructuring to more effectively highlight the firm's practice areas, and overhaul of the site's existing optimization. SLS not only delivered on all fronts, but also helped improve the firm's case intake process to more effectively track incoming leads. We've partnered with the firm in every way we can to improve rankings, increase traffic to the website, and produce higher-quality case leads.


  • Bottlinger Law, L.L.C.

Practice Areas:

  • Personal Injury
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Estate Planning
  • Agricultural Law


  • Omaha, NE

more pageviews in 2018
more pageviews in 2019

The Challenge

The firm had already established a presence in Estate Planning and Agricultural Law throughout the Omaha area. Our challenge was to not only redesign the website for a more diverse crop of users, but to incorporate more personal injury content as a primary focus of the firm's expanding practice. At the same time, it was our goal to increase the overall number of leads the firm was bringing in, specifically having to do with personal injury cases.

Our Execution

Essentially starting from scratch, SLS worked closely with the firm to determine which areas of personal injury law it was most interested in acquiring cases for, and then researched and drafted pages for those specific areas of practice. Using only white-hat optimization techniques, SLS was able to leverage the firm's existing website URL to begin increasing traffic and establish a more expansive foothold in the Omaha personal injury market. Additionally, SLS collaborated directly with the firm to determine the aesthetic for the new website.

Website Design

Working closely with Jason, the SLS Design team created a user-friendly layout that highlighted the various types of cases the firm was most interested in pursuing. It was important for the firm to maintain its friendly, small-town feel while at the same time promoting itself as a leading authority in all matters personal injury related.

Jason Bottlinger

Jason Bottlinger

Susan and her team helped us identify a path to success. The product has been timely, excellent, and it has given us a web presence that, in our market, is second to none!

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