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A Big Firm Needs a Bigger Marketing Plan.

Mark and Alexis Breyer are The Husband and Wife Law Team. A huge personal injury firm, it came to SLS with a marketing strategy that used many different angles-print ads, Internet, radio, TV, billboards, you name it. Phoenix was blanketed online and off with their name, and they held many events to connect with their community. SLS helped wrangle their efforts together so The Husband and Wife Law Team, knew their return on investment. We walked with them every step of the way and shared industry best practices that made an impact on their bottom line.


  • The Husband and Wife Law Team

Practice Areas:

  • Personal Injury,
  • Car Accidents


  • Phoenix, AZ

more organic traffic
lower bounce rate

The Challenge

The firm’s marketing was all over the place, which was good for the most part. But we needed to work with them to tighten up and refine their campaigns, mainly to discover their ROI for various advertising channels. Which strategy was yielding the most clients? We needed to help them find out.

Our Execution

In partnering with The Husband and Wife Law Team, we started by researching their competitors in the Phoenix area. We then redesigned the firm’s website for a cleaner, modern look that still showed how approachable they were. We worked hand in hand with The Husband and Wife Law Team to examine their intake process and find out how people were finding them—and updated their SEO to encourage more calls from the website. We also incorporated their external marketing efforts into their online presence, so all their fans could find them easily.

Organic Traffic 2009-2018

Organic Traffic 2014-2018

Website Design

Because The Husband and Wife Law Team has so many credentials, results, programs, and reviews, it was challenging to design the hierarchy. As always, we began by reviewing their competitor’s sites and asking: What does Breyer have that they don’t have? The answer was tons of raving review and video testimonials, which we featured on the front page along with a blue-and-brown color scheme to reflect the Arizona desert tones.

Mark Breyer

Mark Breyer
Founding Partner

SLS has delivered as promised. We are finally climbing our way up the search engines and the people who need us are beginning to have the opportunity to view our website and see what we believe The Husband and Wife Law Team has to offer. Funny how it took me getting to the first page of Google to suddenly receive so many calls to deliver what no one could deliver before Susan Ziegler.

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