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She Was Guilty… Until Our Client Fought to Prove Her Innocence.

Attorney Michael Guisti was keen to work with Susan Zeigler and her team at SLS Consulting, Inc., but it wasn’t until years later, in the spring of 2015, that we signed him as a client. Why? Because we practice true exclusivity—we don’t take any clients who practice the same type of law in the same geographic region as one of our existing clients—and we already had an Orange County criminal defense firm! But once we had an opening, we welcomed the Law Office of Michael L. Guisti, and went to work rebuilding their website. With a team effort, his website netted a major case that made headlines around the country—defending Michelle Hadley.


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The Challenge

Before we got our hands on it, Guisti’s website was bare bones: it had a few outdated pictures, a lot of content recycled from old articles and videos, and generic headings and taglines that didn’t tell clients who Michael Guisti really was—a scrapper who never gives up on his clients.

Our Execution

Branding was the heart of our marketing strategy. We met with Guisti and had countless phone calls to get to know him. For every bit of content we wrote, we would collaborate with the firm to make sure it captured their unique voice. This came not a moment too soon, because a concerned father chose Michael Guisti over other lawyers to fight for his daughter, whose current lawyer was recommending a plea bargain. Why? Because Guisti’s website said he would keep fighting for his clients, exploiting every detail, until he was satisfied with the results. No other site had that messaging. The woman was Michelle Hadley, whom Guisti together with her family would prove was innocent, swept up in a plot by her ex-fiancé’s new wife. We at SLS provided social media coverage, created a brand-new information “hub” page on the website about the case, and reached out to news sources to share what our client had to say.

Organic Traffic

Year 1 vs Year 2 Traffic Comparison

Website Design

The website redesign was all about showcasing the firm’s passion for standing up for people. We made sure visitors met the real Michael Guisti front and center. To accomplish this, we shot photos at his Orange County office to feature on the website, and included videos where Michael explained why he does what he does. With every step of progress, we collaborated with the firm, and received 100% satisfaction.

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