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Google Slaps You Down? Get Back Up.

Wingate, Russotti, Shapiro & Halperin, LLP, has been with SLS since the beginning and is our longest-standing client. In 2011, Google rolled out its first Panda update, which narrowed in on website content. As a personal injury firm in ultra-competitive New York City, WRSH was hit hard. Overnight, their website fell off the rankings for its most important terms. But SLS Consulting was on their side. We dove into SEO research and reworked their website, from layout to content to links, to show Google’s algorithm what it needed to see in order to rank WRSH at the top once more.



Practice Area:

  • Personal Injury


  • New York, NY

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The Challenge

Before the Google penalty, WRSH’s website was in compliance with SEO best practices at the time, but one algorithm update later and everything changed. We needed to research and rework the website. We needed to get WRSH back to page one so their clients could easily find them.

Our Execution

Experimentation became our go-to method. Since Google does not share how its algorithm works, we had to review all the available articles and industry sources, then conduct extensive testing to find out what was holding WRSH back. We removed outdated website pages, rewrote the rest of the content to comply with Google’s brand-new standards, and got rid of several mini-sites that were in vogue at the time. It took time, but it worked, and WRSH once again enjoys a top ranking in New York.

Website Design

WRSH is a premier firm in NYC, but its attorneys are approachable. To convey this, we showcased video of the firm’s partners on the homepage, alongside huge verdicts and media coverage from major news sources. Because of the sheer volume of cases WRSH wins, we had to create a custom feed to organize them. We paid attention to results and personality, because that’s what sets WRSH apart from everyone else.

Cliff Shapiro

Cliff Shapiro
WRSH Partner/Attorney

I highly recommend Susan L. Ziegler and SLS Consulting for your legal website promotion. We have tried newspaper ads, newsletters, and spent considerable sums of money for a television ad campaign. I can emphatically state that our firm has achieved a greater result for a fraction of the cost through Susan's efforts. Her innovative strategies and techniques have our telephones ringing and our internet mailboxes overflowing. She is enthusiastic, knowledgeable, resourceful, and always makes herself available to discuss new ideas. She is at the top of her game!

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