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When an individual searches for a product or service on the internet by typing in their request in a search box, and then clicking on the listed websites to find their searched topic, they are ultimately aiding in search engine marketing. Search engines are a tool, widely used by consumers to help locate goods and services that they are in need, or want, of. Therefore, search engines are a very important marketing tool for all types of businesses and companies. There are many ways that a company may target potential clients or customers, such as having a well optimized site, listing the site on high ranking directories, and having keyword rich content and meta tags.

A well optimized lawyer website, which is search engine friendly, will vastly improve a firm's visibility on the Internet, increasing their opportunity to reach potential clients who are seeking the services or products that the company supplies. At SLS Consulting, our staff members have experience creating and optimizing websites for reputable law firms across the United States, each of which specialize in various types of law, including personal injury, criminal defense, family law, and military law.

There are many important steps in search engine optimization (SEO) which must be made to ensure good visibility and placement of a website, and on this page we will take a look at a few of the steps that the staff at SLS Consulting takes to optimize a website.


One step to successful SEO is the strategic placement of keywords and keyword phrases throughout the content and the tags. We will discuss with you the locations that you want to market in, be it nationwide, statewide, or limited to certain cities or counties and choose the appropriate keywords to target potential clients in your desired location. Our staff members will research your practice area (auto accident, medical malpractice, criminal defense, etc.) and find the most relevant and appropriate keywords to use. Highly searched general and location specific keywords which are placed in the website's content and tags greatly affect a website's placement in the search engines.

Directory submissions

At SLS Consulting, all of the websites that we optimize are entered into significant online directories, which will allow potential clients to find the website when searching the directory, using related keyword phrases. In addition to assisting potential clients find the website, placement on high ranking directories will increase the website's search engine ranking. Our staff members will request from you any information which is necessary to complete the directory submission, which may include attorney or firm information, and submit your firm to a variety of online directories, without you having to take time out of your schedule to research directories, compile information, or submit your firm.

Keyword rich content

Our staff creates content which is keyword rich, while remaining within the bounds of website ethics, always avoiding practices which are considered unethical, such as keyword stuffing. We have experience writing content for various practice areas, and can create informative and effective content which will appeal to the caliber of clients you seeking to represent. All sites include practice area pages, a page about the firm, a links page, attorney biographies, as well as an extensive sitemap which will enable users to quickly locate the page they are looking for.

Web page layout

As our client, you will have the ability to express to us the look that you prefer for your website, including the color scheme, logos, and layout preference. We will use that input to create a visually pleasing site, which will be easy for users to navigate and read, while at the same time allowing the search engines to index the web pages effortlessly.

Position reports

The staff at SLS Consulting is skilled in running position reports which evaluate the website's position within the major search engines, such as AOL, Google, Yahoo, and MSN. The first step of running a position report is compiling an in-depth keyword list relating to your practice areas and geographic location. The keywords are then entered into the position report program and your site is searched using those keyword phrases in the major search engines. The results of the report state how many positions the site has moved up or down and the overall visibility of the website on the Internet.

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