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With a Little Help, Franchise Law Is Taking Over the Country

The Internicola Law Firm, P.C., wanted to do one thing, and do it well: help people with their businesses. These national franchise lawyers, based in New York City, knew that franchising was far too complex and overwhelming for the average Joe Coffee Shop. They were here to help, but they needed to get that message out across the United States. Luckily, another client of ours recommended that Internicola work with SLS to rebrand their website and start a new marketing campaign, targeting business owners across the country. Now, this firm has become a go-to resource for the industry—their website is easy to navigate and relevant to users, and ranks at the top for franchise terms across the nation.


  • The Internicola Law Firm, P.C.

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  • Staten Island, NY

more organic traffic
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The Challenge

Internicola came to SLS from another marketing company known for stuffing its clients’ websites full of thousands of pages of thin content in various folders. The site was disorganized, and most of the pages weren’t being indexed by Google at all (or found by users.) It needed a lot of “back end” work before anything would change.

Our Execution

We took over the tangled mess first by streamlining the website’s design. Instead of letting site visitors wander around, confused, we created conversion funnels that sent them to the four most important parts of the website. We organized the content into structured folders, cleaning up the urls; but not before working closely with the firm to delete, merge, and rewrite pages that weren’t up to standard. As Charles Internicola told us, “My goal was to make sure we had good answers to good topics.” As a results of our design and SEO, the website exploded. Though we are still working on the site to this day, it’s ranking at the top for franchise terms across the nation, and gets thousands of hits and solicitations. In fact, at least one state government referred a client to Internicola for “all the information you need on franchising.” Wow.

Organic Traffic on Landing Pages Year 1 vs Year 3

Organic Traffic on Landing Pages

Website Design

Internicola wanted a bold look that made their client the hero and their team as the solution to business problems. It had to be clean, ultra-professional, and precise. Our design used high contrast, authoritative yet friendly colors, and encouraged clients to connect with the firm by placing a prominent call-to-action box above the fold. Everything was simple and strong, showing the firm’s empathy and authority in its field.

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