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You can't always believe what you hear. If a "social media expert" tells you that Google+ isn't an important part of a well-rounded marketing campaign, don't believe it. Google+ is one of the most important social networks to be a part of, if only for one simple reason - it's operated by the king of search, Google. And with social melding with local, Google+ should not be ignored.

Google+ Keeps Up with the Rest

Google+ offers users many of the functions that most other social media sites do: the ability to post status updates, upload photos and videos, and interact with other users. While Google+ may not be as popular to use as other social sites are, it certainly does not mean actions taken on the site play a diminished role in a brand's Internet marketing strategy. On the contrary, having an active presence on Google+ will do much more for your Internet search rankings than having an active presence on any other social media site, including Facebook.

Social and Search, an Unbeatable Pair

When Facebook and Bing joined forces to create a one-stop shop for social media and search, their goal was to create a presence on the Internet where web surfers would never have to leave the confines of the facebook.com domain. While this notion has yet to really pan out (primarily because of Bing's search market share versus that of Google's), it may soon become more of a reality if Google can get its social site to truly take off. At this point in time, Facebook dominates the world of social, while Google dominates the world of search (sorry Bing). If these two ever teamed up, they would be able to create a one-stop shop that would truly dominate Internet usage time. Until then, Google will continue to build up the strength of Google+ in its effort to rule the world of social media and local search.

Benefits of a Strong Google+ Presence

Just as it's important to have a strong SEO campaign in place in order to show up well within search results, so too is it important to have a strong Google+ presence in order to have a truly encompassing social media campaign. For professionals in all fields, Google+ presents a unique opportunity to establish oneself as an authority, and to display that authority within both the social media platform and Google search results. By incorporating the rel-author snippet into its website coding, a brand is able to create a direct link between its website and designated Google+ AUTHORity. The stronger a presence you have on Google+ (i.e. the more circles you're in), the more authoritative you will appear within search results. In some cases, a potential client may even choose to visit your website over a competitor's site based on Google+ circle count.

Don't Let Google+ Slip through the Cracks

While the majority of people don't necessarily think of Google+ when they think of social media sites, its looming presence within Google search makes it a vital component of any effective Internet marketing campaign. All things Google should always be given attention, because all things Google tend to interconnect with each other and play a role within search result rankings. For more information about Google+ and how your brand can incorporate it into social media marketing efforts, contact the team at SLS Consulting at (323) 254-1510 or toll-free (877) 248-3529.

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